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Connected Email Marketing with Inxmail Professional


Is your data spread over various software solutions? The CRM system contains your clients while the online shop knows their products and interests? You want to combine recommendation engines with the ERP system’s information on product availability? Bring all your systems together and boost up your e-commerce with connected email marketing – powered by Inxmail!


Wow your clients with inspiring newsletters that only contain information that matters: Situational. Personal. Relevant.


Inxmail Professional is connected to…

  • Your global goals and creative ideas in emailmarketing
  • Your target group behaviour
  • Your existing or future CRM, CMS, Shop or Analyticssystem
  • Your efficiency in developing high performance emailmarketing campaigns
  • Your options concerning the IT infrastructure inyour company

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Wide range of integrations

Connect your data for success: Combine your eBusiness solutions with Inxmail Professional. It integrates seamlessly with CRM, CMS, Web analytics and e-commerce systems. Adaptable according to your needs - thanks to its powerful API.


High segmentation standards

Save everything you know about your clients and their purchase behaviours in Inxmail Professional. Create target groups to personalise content accordingly. From basic to complex segmentations – unlimited possibilities with just a few clicks.


Maximum personalisation

Make your mailings more relevant and specific: Select and address your recipients personally. Everything can be targeted and customised – from the subject line to attachments.


High security and deliverability standards

Rely on maximum data security and operational reliability. The certified high performance mail servers ensure that your mailings are sent securely with German hosting, supervised by our international Whitelisting Activities and Deliverability team.


Innovative Newsletter TemplatesIndividual design

Customise your mailings to match your corporate design using Inxmail Professional’s Newsletter Templates. The automated and dynamic ‘content includes’ make your workflows efficient and brand communication consistent.


Rent or buy

Choose from our attractive price and usage options. If you opt for the ASP service (SAAS), you can start straight away. You can also benefit from the licence version of Inxmail Professional if you have to operate your email marketing within your own IT infrastructure, e.g. as a result of your data protection guidelines.


Inxmail InternationalInxmail international

Use Inxmail Professional in the provided nine languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Turkish and Chinese. Profit from Inxmails renowned global capabilities combined with local insight provided by our worldwide network.


Big data made easy

Forget your issues about big data: Understand and use them properly. We are happy to help you organise and make the most of your data.


Multiple possibilities for e-commerce

Drive conversions by using product recommendations in email campaigns as well as trigger & transaction mails to meet your customers’ needs.


Professional know-how

Trust the experts: We are committed to helping you reach the highest standards in professional email marketing. With expertise based on 15 years of experience and 2000 satisfied clients.


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