The FTI Group is switching to Inxmail Professional

The FTI Group, with its ten brands in the field of tourism, travel and leisure, is the fourth-largest travel provider in the German-speaking countries. The Group includes a one-stop travel shop, sonnenklar.TV, the last-minute travel agency 5vorFlug and FTI Touristik, each of which send out various email campaigns.

Together with DynaCampaign from Dymatrix, Inxmail Professional ensures a spot-on customer approach.

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Benefits at a glance

Tight timeframe

All email campaigns were taken over and activated as far as possible during the tight timeframe.

Award-winning customer service

The FTI Group benefits from Inxmail’s award-winning customer service: short response times, designated contact persons and expert consulting.

Transfer of data to third-party systems

Inxmail enables smooth transfer of data via interfaces to third-party systems: Mailings are put together and sent out automatically in Inxmail Professional. Content and recipients come from external sources such as booking systems and CMS.

Campaign management with DynaCampaign

Recipient data is managed centrally in DynaCampaign. Obtained KPIs are backed up to the campaign management system from Inxmail Professional. They can be prepared and used for other marketing channels from there.

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The timeframe for switching from our previous provider to Inxmail was tight, at just 12 weeks. It was all the more gratifying that almost all the items on the to-do list could be ticked off in good time, thanks to the many years’ experience of the whole Inxmail team. Special mention must be made of the good customer service, personalised consulting and flexibility with last-minute changes.

Noemi Schatz email marketing manager, sonnenklar.TV
Inxmail Case Study FTI

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