Email marketing as an opportunity in the crisis

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Email marketing at the time of COVID-19

The world in a state of exception: We all face great challenges in dealing with COVID-19. Companies currently have to face completely new tasks in email communication with customers, partners and their employees. But these tasks also hold enormous opportunities. Make a virtue of necessity!

For this reason, we developed this page that should serve as a helpful support for you. Here you can find out what you need to do to continue using your email marketing efficiently. You are also welcome to contact us directly as usual.

We are here for you as usual! We are your contact if you see email marketing as an opportunity in the crisis.

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Our COVID-19 Design Template

Implement Special Mailings quickly and efficiently

Don't forget: In the current crisis around COVID-19, communication is essential to remain successful in the market. Stay digitally connected with your customers, business partners and employees! So that you can act quickly and flexibly, we have developed a suitable design template for you: You get access to all elements of our design template - and use them without any graphic and programming knowledge.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Visual style set suitable for COVID-19
  • Start directly, without any graphic and programming knowledge
  • All elements are available to you license-free
  • Sending context-related mailings quickly and efficiently
  • Modular use: standalone or serial mailings

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Our eight-point plan

Email communication at the time of COVID-19

We have developed an eight-point plan for you: it explains step-by-step how to maintain communication with customers, partners and employees in the current crisis. Because the most important thing is: Don't stop talking to each other.

1. Prepare for communication

Put together an emergency team of two to four people. For example, you could bring on board the CEO, a personnel manager, corporate communications and an IT specialist. Clarify the role of the emergency manager who holds the threads together for the complex, rapid communication.

2. Inform your employees regularly

tay transparent! Please inform employees who feel insecure or who are in great demand as early as possible. This will build lasting trust as a caring and strong employer. Think also of communication topics such as hygiene or home office regulations. Other topics can also be covered in automated email workflows. Last but not least, even in difficult times, "being together" should not be left out completely. Social distance can create digital proximity. Therefore, send birthday greetings, brightening up with weekly quotations or other occasion-related trigger mails to your employees.

Our consulting provides you with support.

3. Maintain dialogue with your customers and business partners

Also act professionally towards your customers and business partners. In a matter-of-factly designed corporate mailing, new availability times or channels can be ideally communicated. This should be combined with your corporate commitment to dealing with the corona crisis. Beyond the crisis, a regular newsletter continues to strengthen your brand and the trust of your recipients. Do not stop communicating! If your products or services can also offer an additional value in the current situation, all the better. Seasonal or specially designed mailing templates will help you to implement them quickly. That way you stay close to your customers.

4. Think digitally when important events and meetings do not take place

As soon as trade shows, business trips and other events are no longer possible, the sales team must come up with something new to reach customers. Lead generation measures are an ideal way to get to new recipients and customers interested in buying. These include activities such as offering a newsletter or a competition. But also, expert knowledge can be offered via whitepapers for download, as a webinar or as a special interest series.

5. Think even more digitally when it comes to transforming the stationary trade

Parts of the e-commerce industry are profiting from the increasing uncertainty of customers when shopping in stationary stores. Specific measures in email marketing allow you to reach out to your customers or even employees: Offer them digital solutions in this extraordinary situation. It is important that order confirmations from your shops or other transaction emails actually arrive. With mail relay you are on the safe side. It would be annoying if cancellation orders or changed delivery deadlines accidentally ended up in the spam or wastepaper basket. Ideally, such mailings could contain new call-to-actions for further informations.

6. Use home office for learning environments

Rethink: Combine the idea of classroom training with modern forms of e-learning. After all, many of your customers and employees are sitting at home and are unable to attend appointments on site. This leaves time, however, to make effective preparations from the home office. For example, you can map your invitation management via automated mailing routes to provide participants with the right information at the right time. The time after a webinar or a whitepaper download can also be used as a valuable touchpoint within the customer journey.

7. Use the flexibility and speed of email marketing

The dynamics surrounding the Corona crisis require all of us to rethink and be as flexible as possible – whether in the private or business environment. Email marketing supports you in this, enabling you to react quickly to a changed situation. Specially designed mailing templates with an integrated landing page help you to implement quickly without having to rely on the programmer.

8. Emerge stronger from the crisis

Heads up! Hopefully we'll get back to normal soon again. Use the time now to take a fresh look at budgets, business areas and the possibilities of digitalization. Remember: in a crisis, there are also many opportunities for you. Our consulting delivers suitable ideas and inspiration. We are here for you! Stay healthy!

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