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Boost sales for your online shop

Network your online shop with our email marketing solutions and drive up your sales figures. Send personalised newsletters and transaction emails containing targeted offers to your customers. Use recipient responses and insights into purchasing behaviour from your online shop to implement effective cross-selling and upselling campaigns. Integrate your web analysis tool and constantly monitor your sales figures.

  • Personalised mailings and offers for shop visitors
  • Automatically integrate current content
  • Targeted cross-selling and up-selling
  • Communication tailored to customer behaviour in email, online shop and retail branches
  • Reliably delivered mailings, worldwide

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Integration of eCommerce and email marketing

Professional transaction emails with Inxmail Commerce

Customised product information in newsletter

Use the link from your online shop to Inxmail Professional to turn your newsletter into a platform to advertise your products. Simply add the product data, such as product descriptions, prices and information on current availability, to your newsletters. When the newsletter is sent, the special offers are consistent with those currently found in your online shop. This allows you to only advertise products that interest your customers.

Campaigns created based on customer responses

Send out offers that are tailored to your customers’ preferences based on recipients’ responses to your newsletter. You can also use insights into purchasing behaviour in the online shop or into customer campaigns in the print catalogue to customise your communication. The right interface between your systems lets you provide your customers with personalised recommendations efficiently.

Targeted cross-selling and up-selling with email marketing

Successful online shops use a targeted approach to send newsletters and transaction emails: showcase related products or accessory items in a creative and appealing way. By knowing your customers, you also know what their preferences are. Integration into our email marketing solutions enables you to draw on customer preferences to generate recommendations. This results in a noticeable improvement in conversion rates.

Easily implement efficient transaction emails

Customers expect to receive transaction emails such as order and dispatch confirmations, invoices or password reminders Thanks to Inxmail Commerce, these emails arrive in your customers’ inboxes reliably and win them over with tailored, on-brand content. Find out how you can implement professional transaction emails generated in your systems such as your online shop or ERP centrally and easily in one solution.

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Can’t find your desired system here? Our software can be connected flexibly via our powerful interface. We’ll be happy to advise you.

Selection of our integrations to eCommerce and online shop systems

Shopware: emotional shopping combined with professional email marketing

The interface to the Shopware shop allows you to use product and recipient data for your mailings automatically. You can efficiently incorporate prices, images and texts for the showcased images. Recipient responses are transferred back to the online shop following dispatch and enrich your database. Inxmail also ensures maximum delivery rates. This allows you to implement effective email marketing campaigns and increase sales figures.

SAP Hybris: use remarketing campaigns to win over recipients

Our link to SAP Hybris allows you to effectively carry out remarketing campaigns: your campaigns are created based on information regarding customer orders placed in the online shop, which is transferred automatically along with the customer’s master data from the shop to Inxmail. By managing product recommendations, you can offer interesting and relevant content to your customers with which you can boost your sales figures.

Magento: personalised mailings for shop visitors

Market the products from your Magento shop automatically and professionally while addressing the customer personally: our interface allows you to create modern, sales-boosting mailings with relevant content, making use of our wide range of professional functions. Customer and product data is transferred automatically from your online shop system.

Econda: convert non-completed orders into purchases

Web Analytics meets email marketing: tailored follow-up campaigns can be created based on click behaviour on websites or in your online shop. And if that wasn’t enough, you can use the remarketing plug-in to generate highly encouraging conversion mailings in response to non-completed orders and use a targeted approach to reach customers who did not complete their purchase. We’ll be happy to advise you on how to implement this in an approach that is compliant with GDPR regulations.

OXID eShop: personalised mailing content for increased relevance and efficiency

Our interface to the OXID eShop solution allows you to automatically market products and services offered online in a highly personalised manner. Seamless integration into your email marketing ensures that product data is imported from your online shop both efficiently and intelligently. As a result, you can create more relevant mailings with higher opening and click rates.

Nosto: newsletter content tailored to your customers’ preferences

Nosto email personalisation widgets enable you to personalise every email you send by adding automated product recommendations and trending articles. Make your email campaigns even more impactful and offer your customers a personalised shopping experience at anytime, anywhere with Nosto and Inxmail.

Spryker Commerce OS: professional transaction emails

Send professional transaction emails – from registration confirmation emails to password reminders to order confirmation emails or payment reminders – from your Spryker online shop module using our interface to Inxmail Commerce. The installation process only requires a few simple steps. The professional dispatch infrastructure ensures fast dispatch and maximum delivery rates.

Individual integration thanks to flexible interface

We test and implement the connection of your desired system via our powerful interfaces – whether it be a CRM system, an online shop, a web analysis tool or a campaign management solution.

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