Customised content and automatic data import thanks to Magento integration

Case study

Touratech markets innovative motorcycle equipment for travelling, outdoor activities and sport. Email marketing plays a major role in advertising the motorcycle accessories available from its online shop. The company has benefited from more efficient workflows and sales-boosting newsletters after connecting the Inxmail Professional email marketing solution to the Magento online shop system.

Practical example


Connection to the online shop system for increased efficiency

Touratech relies on email marketing as an important sales and marketing channel. The Black Forest-based company sends out a newsletter to get potential consumers excited about all things motorbikes, and sells accessories from its online shop. Covering everything from practical tips, travel features and background articles right through to invitations to events, this varied newsletter presents recipients with a range of customised offers from the Touratech online shop.

Touratech has been using the Inxmail Professional email marketing solution to create and send mailings for the last few years. Its shop is powered by Magento. When the first newsletters were created, recipient and product data for the mailings used to be transferred manually from the online shop system. For newsletters produced in five different languages this was an extremely time-consuming process. Now Touratech has connected Inxmail Professional to Magento. This allows product and recipient data to be imported automatically, making the process of creating their newsletters more efficient.


Offers tailored to recipients and their bikes

Touratech asks recipients if they are interested in receiving customised offers when they subscribe to the newsletter. If they wish, they can select the make of their motorcycle, as well as the region in which they live. This data can be used to create customised marketing emails. On the basis of the information provided at registration, recipients are sent invitations to events in their area and targeted product recommendations related to their motorbike.

The newsletter’s design reflects the online shop. Colours, shapes and other elements from the website can also be found in the newsletters. Standardised communication on both channels ensures a high level of brand recognition for Touratech.

The newsletter presents the products in the best possible light: Large images and short product descriptions allow the reader to assimilate key content quickly. Clicking a button leads directly to the online shop, where the reader can find more information on the product and purchase it.


Automatic import of product and recipient data

The Inxmail Professional email marketing solution is connected to the Magento shop in line with a best-of-breed approach. This means that each system does what it does best. This integration has allowed Touratech to send target group-specific marketing emails and customised content to each recipient. Using Inxmail Professional, newsletters can be filled with content from the online shop with just a few clicks. Text and images are integrated into the email automatically after entering the product ID and can be edited as required. This process involves the use of an Inxmail newsletter template.

The recipient data for dispatch is also imported into Inxmail Professional via the Magento interface. Conversely, details of recipients who have unsubscribed from the newsletter are imported to the online shop system in real time and marked accordingly, ensuring that data is always kept up-to-date.


Efficient newsletter creation

Connecting the Touratech online shop to this email marketing software has saved the marketing team a lot of time when creating newsletters and prevented errors that tend to occur during manual entry. The figures prove that the integration has been worthwhile: The editors at Touratech are now twice as fast at creating mailings. This means that they now have more time to improve their email marketing.

Touratech’s newsletter content is also popular among its recipients. The open and click rates are proof of this:

  • The average open rate is 46 per cent.
  • The average unique click rate is 13 per cent.
  • The average CTOR is 28 per cent.

Benefits at a glance

  • Customised product recommendations in each newsletter
  • Flexible connection of the Inxmail Professional email marketing solution to the Magento online shop system
  • Efficient importing of recipient data, product texts, images and links from the online shop
  • Automated importing of unsubscriptions from Inxmail Professional to Magento in real time
  • Standardised communication in the online shop and newsletter ensures a high level of brand recognition for Touratech

About Touratech

Touratech is the driving force behind innovative motorcycle equipment for travelling, adventures and sport. For over two decades it has been designing, producing and marketing high-tech products to motorcycle enthusiasts across the world to meet the toughest of standards. Its product range varies from navigation tools, where it has developed a variety of software and electronic navigation aids in-house including rally tested brackets, to accessories and special parts for dual-sport and sport touring motorcycles and a full range of outdoor equipment. Its company headquarters are located in Niedereschach, Germany, on the edge of the Black Forest. Touratech operates in over 50 countries worldwide.


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