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Maximise the success of your email marketing!

Make effective use of the entire email value chain for your company and let us show you how to get even more out of your email marketing. This begins with impressive email campaigns and customer experience marketing with transactional emails, right through to intelligent marketing of newsletter ads. As a result, you improve your conversion rate, establish long-term ties with your customers and further increase your turnover. You can count on our market experience of over 15 years in this field. Achieve maximum results from your email marketing with our solutions and services!


Impressive email campaigns:

Effective. Automated. Connected.
The right data enable you to create highly personalised email campaigns, impress your customers and significantly drive forward your online revenue. It is important to us that email marketing is not treated as a standalone solution. Connecting with the right systems further increases the value of the email medium and maximises its success.


Inxmail Integrations


Our email marketing solution Inxmail Professional can be simply connected to all common online shops, CMS, CRM and Web analysis systems. As a result, you can easily use editorial content and customer and product data for your email campaigns and globally evaluate its success. This connection increases the effectiveness of your email campaigns, optimises customer dialogue and significantly boosts your return on investment.


Content is also dynamically adjusted depending on the end device thanks to our intelligent newsletter templates. Your target readers therefore benefit from an easy-to-read display at the desktop and on all mobile devices.


Customer experience marketing:

Make effective use of transactional emails.
Readers expect to receive automated one-to-one emails for customer communications such as order confirmations or other transactional emails which generate enormous click and opening rates. Ensure outstanding customer experience throughout the entire customer journey and create sustainable ties to your customers with perfectly designed and optimally displayed transactional emails with a high delivery rate.

Our solutions help create a unique experience for your customers. From ordering and delivery right through to product evaluation and returns, and from multi-stage onboarding campaigns right through to service messages: Surprise your customers with impressive transactional emails in real time. Create a competitive advantage thanks to a unique and holistic customer experience!


Newsletters as cash cows:

Manage native ads, banners, etc. with ease.
There is enormous potential hidden in newsletter ads. We help you make full use of this potential. Imagine how valuable your newsletter is for advertising customers when ads reach the reader carefully targeted – bypassing ad blockers. Furthermore, imagine how appealing the advertising message is to the reader when it exactly matches the newsletter topic and even supplements it. You can offer your advertising customers and subscribers exactly this kind of added value with Advertate.


Whether it is text ads, native advertising, branded content or ad banners, content can be simply coordinated with Advertate to fit the newsletter perfectly – in terms of subject matter and also, if the advertiser wishes, design. At the same time, this makes timeconsuming ad management Excel lists a thing of the past.