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Professional email marketing combined with personalised customer data

Personalised mailings or product newsletters cannot be implemented solely with the email client integrated in CAS genesisWorld. This is precisely where the Inxmail Professional integration for CAS genesisWorld comes in; it allows professional email marketing to be operated from the CRM system. Personalised customer data from the CRM system is intelligently incorporated into your email campaigns. You can easily create your mailings in Inxmail Professional and address your customers personally. High sending speeds are guaranteed, even with a high sending volume and all without overloading the CRM system. The interface ensures that marketing and sales work hand in hand. This is because the sent mailings and the person-based success evaluation are directly linked with the customer files, ensuring every employee can access them.


Your benefits

  • Newsletter templates enable you to easily create HTML emails that match your corporate design specifications
  • Wide range of options for personalising content
  • Quality tests alert you to potential delivery problems prior to dispatch and offer you suggestions on how to optimise your mailing
  • High deliverability thanks to whitelisting of the Inxmail servers
  • Maximum sending speed, even with a high sending volume
  • Comprehensive returns and bounce management
  • Real-time reporting on the most important key figures in email marketing


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You require the Inxmail Professional API to be able to use the Inxmail Professional integration for CAS genesisWorld.


The update was developed by CAS software AG and is available in English, German, French and Italian as standard. Further versions, for example, Spanish, are available through partners. Please contact CAS software directly for information.