Email marketing in e-commerce

Newsletters and transactional emails as the fuel for your online store

Purchase confirmations, shipping orders, reviews, or a newsletter as an initial door opener for the store ensure a thriving business. The more such touchpoints there are with customers, the better their customer journey and the higher your sales. Let us work together to make your online store even more successful.

More sales for your online shop

KPIs that simply convince

6 out of 10 people want to buy your products: What is hard to imagine for a retail store, email marketing makes possible for your online store. Our customer s.Oliver, for example, was able to achieve an outstanding click-through rate through cleverly designed mailings. Unleash the potential of your online store with individual one-to-one mailings and newsletters and write your own success story:

A personalized trigger mail concept creates customer loyalty for babymarkt and boosts sales.

Back-in-stock mailings at s.Oliver provide individual purchase incentives, increase conversion and ensure satisfied customers.

At HSE24, personalized mailing content and incentives open the door to the online store.

At VOGEL'S Süsse-Werbe-Ideen, highly personalized email marketing is the key to more leads and sales.

More time thanks to marketing automation

Save resources and focus on other tasks

We help you improve your one-to-one communication with additional, automated touchpoints: From order confirmations to shopping cart abandoners to back-in-stock emails, you stay in constant contact with your customers. Once set up, these processes run all by themselves, saving time and conserving resources.

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More loyalty in the customer journey

Getting closer through personalization

Direct and relevant, including a personal message - that's what mailings to customers should look like. Inxmail provides you with everything you need: Surprise them with a customer journey that shows you value your visitors. Here are our top-selling categories that will help you score points:

Welcome mailings

Use this point of contact as the first step on the way to becoming a regular customer.


Incentivize with discounts - that's how you tempt visitors to buy from your store.


Increase Reputation - Go into these one-on-one interactions to make your brand better.

Win-back mailings

Boost sales: Activate idle contacts with personalized offers.

More power with strong integrations

Include product data in emails

Content transfer: Combine data from the online store with your mailings. Use recipient responses to send personalized newsletters and transactional emails with targeted offers to your customers. This creates effective cross- and upselling campaigns. We provide the right integration for your system infrastructure.

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More freedom in design

Easily build impressive mailings


In addition to the store system, the email marketing tool must also meet the highest standards. Our Inxmail solutions give you maximum flexibility and allow you to get creative without any programming knowledge.

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More service

The booster for faster success

We do our best so you can do your best - with services that cover every aspect of email marketing in e-commerce. It starts with the ideal email design template, through the integration with the store system, to the optimization of your processes and deliverability.

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