ASP Releases

Inxmail Professional 4.5.0

New reports on campaign key figures over time

‘Performance overview’ report at list level and in the global reports

Email marketing generates a wide range of indicators that help companies analyse the success of their mailings. The most important key figures are now summarised in a report that maps the information over time.

The new report is available both at list level and in the global reports. This allows users to view related campaigns, including all emails from mailings, trigger mailings (except for action mailings), split-test mailings and email sequences. You can select the time period for which the report should display the information.

The report includes the following key figures:

  • Number of campaign emails
  • Number of recipients who were reached
  • Number of opening recipients
  • Open rate
  • Number of clicking recipients
  • Unique click rate
  • Click-to-open rate

‘Recipient statistics’ report in the list reports

The ‘Recipient statistics’ report at list level displays the analyses that were previously provided in the ‘Important key figures’ report. It displays the ‘Maximum recipients’, the total number of mailings on the ‘Mailings’ tab as well as the number of subscrip-tions, unsubscriptions and their difference within a specified time period.

‘Mailings and recipients’ report in the global reports

The ‘Mailings and recipients’ report in the global reports displays the contents that were previously mapped in this area in the ‘Important key figures’ report. It displays the ‘Maximum recipients’, the number of mailings on the ‘Mailings’ tab, the number of campaign emails as well as the number of returns and bounces within a specified time period.

Quicker sending process for external content

There are many advantages to using external content in email marketing campaigns: Existing content can be reused for email marketing, content stays up-to-date and the amount of time spent on generating new content manually is reduced. Inxmail Pro-fessional allows you to seamlessly integrate content such as texts, images, coupon codes and recommendations from external sources into your mailings. With highly personalised content, these mailing significantly increase open and click rates.

Inxmail Professional 4.5 features the option to cache the different external content, which allows users to send personalised content from external data sources much faster. Subsequent emails that require the same external content can access the cache, significantly speeding up the sending process.

Three options are available for sending mailings with external content:

Retrieve the data source again for each recipient

  • This allows the contents of the mailing to be different for each recipient. The cache cannot be used as the source needs to be retrieved again for each mailing.

Retrieve the data source just once when the mailing is first sent

  • Inxmail Professional calls the URL of the data source just once when a mailing is first sent and stores the linked content with the mailing. All mailings have the same content.

Retrieve the data source when necessary and cache the content

  • One or more large subsets of the recipient group receive the same content. The other recipients receive different content.
  • This may be the case when the majority of customers receive the same product recommendations. Using the new cache in this case avoids the need to retrieve the data source for every single mailing, which in turn significantly speeds up the sending process.

The Inxmail Service Team activates this function. Please contact Inxmail Support or your customer service representative.

Faster recipient import

Inxmail Professional 4.5 offers an additional way to save time when importing recipi-ent data. The improvement in performance for a manual import and when using im-port automation is particularly noticeable when there are over 100,000 recipients.

An improvement of up to 35 per cent has been measured compared to previous import methods.

Error corrections and smaller enhancements


  • Inxmail Professional supports certificates from ‘Let’s Encrypt’, ‘GoDaddy’, ‘Start-Com’ and ‘DST Root’. You can use these certificates in the ‘Insert image’, ‘Link’ and ‘Link management’ dialog boxes without receiving an error message.
  • Mac OS X 10.12 is officially supported.

Mailings agent

  • ‘Display/disable linked images’ and ‘Send test email’ buttons are available when selecting the mobile preview mode in the ‘Check’ workflow step.
  • The SpamAssassin rules are updated every day in order to ensure that the quality test produces the best results.
  • Hostname validation using the Public Suffix List works without any problems. Images that are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), for example, can be linked via HTTPS.


  • The percentage blocks are displayed properly in the visual link analysis (previous-ly: The percentage blocks were displayed out of place under certain conditions in the HTML structure).

Subscriptions agent

  • The attributes are always assigned to the correct columns when users subscribe by email (previously: The value from the next line would sometimes be entered if there was a blank entry).

Import automation agent

  • Import automation runs properly even if a large number of files from an import source are in the queue (previously: Imports could not be processed properly if an import was still running and a new import with over 50 files was about to start).

Content agent

  • Content that is hosted on Amazon AWS, for example, can be seamlessly linked as external content via HTTPS without hostname validation causing problems relat-ed to the Public Suffix List.

Users agent

  • It is possible to specify IP ranges (using CIDR).

Inbox & bounces agent

  • Bounce mails are assigned correctly, even if the email address specified in the return path corresponds to the ‘display name <email@address>’ format.

Files & web pages agent

  • The contents of the directory in the FTP webspace are listed correctly even after files are uploaded, deleted or renamed.

Plug-ins agent

  • The stop URL is called correctly if a proxy is set in Inxmail Professional and a user also uses this proxy for plug-ins.


  • PostgreSQL 9.5 is officially supported.


  • Users can delete lists at any time using the SOAP API (previously: When import automation was available in clients users could not delete lists via the SOAP API).
  • The SOAP API storage limitation feature works properly.

Client Manager

  • Existing group relationships of client roles are deleted when a client domain is changed.
  • It is possible to specify IP ranges (using CIDR).

Web Start

  • The Inxmail Professional Web Start Client is signed properly.