License Releases

Inxmail Professional 4.8.0


There are new features and upgrades in Version 4.8.0 for email marketing with Inxmail Professional.


Inxmail Professional 4.8.0 is the last version, in which Inxmail Professional will be available as a 32bit version.

As of January 2019, Inxmail Professional will only be available as a 64bit version.

If you use the Inxmail Professional 32bit version, carry out the following steps as soon as possible, but no later than January 2019. You may need assistance from your IT administrator for this.

  • If you have Inxmail Professional installed on a 32-bit operating system: Switch to a 64-bit operating system
  • Download the Inxmail Professional 64bit version here: Inxmail Professional 64bit
  • If necessary, uninstall the Inxmail Professional 32bit version via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program
  • Install the Inxmail Professional 64bit version

Then you can work with Inxmail Professional as usual.


Inxmail Professional client for Java web start variant is no longer supported

From Inxmail Professional 4.8.0 you can no longer use Inxmail Professional client for Java web start due to the implementation of the new version Java 11 in the fourth quarter 2018.

  • Users of the web start variant will have to install the Inxmail Professional desktop client to be able to continue working with the email marketing software.
  • The latest installation files for the desktop client can be found in the Inxmail Community.
  • Please provide this information to all Inxmail Professional users in your company who may use the java web start client.

Redesign: A new look for the Inxmail Professional user interface

Inxmail Professional has a whole new look. From now on, you will notice a new colour concept and modern icons throughout the entire software. The tab display, also called the tab navigation, has been redesigned for improved usability.

New colour concept

Mailing lists will be displayed in green and mailings will be blue in Inxmail Professional 4.8 and higher. This will apply to the respective icons, as well as the corresponding coloured tabs for open mailing lists and mailings.

Global objects will be displayed in yellow and list-related objects will be grey. This means that if you create target groups under the global settings, these will be displayed in a yellow-coloured tab. Target groups that you create in a specific mailing list will be displayed in a blue-grey-coloured tab.

The new colour concept will help you to navigate the software using the corresponding coloured tabs, icons and buttons.

New tab concept

The redesigned tab navigation is organised according to a principle of proximity. There is a clear space between the mailing list tabs and the global object tabs. By contrast, the spaces between the open objects of a mailing list are minimal so that they can be viewed together.

The new colour concept will help you to quickly distinguish between different tabs. A clearly designed menu on the right edge helps you to keep an overview of several open tabs and to navigate them faster.

Modern outline icons

We have introduced reduced outline icons to make the symbols more easily recognisable. The mailing type and mailing list icons are in keeping with the colour concept. In contrast, icons in the toolbars are in muted colours. Alongside improved usability, the new icon style forms a significant part of the new look’s overall impression.

New display concept for mailing icons

We have used the following graphics to make this new display concept for the mailing status and mailing types a bit easier to understand.

New icons for standard mailings, as an example

Overview of the new display for all mailing types

General improvements/upgrades

  • The "Tracking Permission" column is available in (standard) mailing list test profiles.
  • Profile JSP: The recipient now has the option to change the value in the ‘Tracking Permission’ column for all mailing lists to which they are subscribed with a single click.

  • Encrypted online parameters
    So-called online parameters, which are integrated in links for calling up certain dynamic Web pages, for example, are transferred in encrypted form to dynamic websites.
    The [%online_params] command automatically encrypts online parameters.
    If you wish to transfer online parameters in unencrypted form to a Web application, for example, you can do this using the [%online_params_unencrypted] command.
    Contact your Inxmail contact person if you need information on how to encrypt online parameters.


  • From Inxmail Professional 4.8.0 there is an option to also request the email address of recipients when calling up TrackingPermissionLogEntryRowSet. As with SubscriptionLog, it is possible to also enter the recipient attributes that you would like to call up alongside the email address.

Operating systems

  • The operating system Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) is no longer supported.


  • Java 
    Java was updated to version 8u181.
  • Tomcat
    Tomcat was updated to version 8.5.32.
  • JxBrowser
    Inxmail Professional uses the JxBrowser to display web-based components. The JxBrowser is updated with Inxmail Professional 4.8.0.
    The JxBrowser is a separate application that is installed with Inxmail Professional.
    It is started automatically by Inxmail Professional if necessary. To make an automatic start possible, your Windows settings should be set up so that applications from the Inxmail Professional installation directory can be started.

    Details (You may need the support of your administrator)
    To start the JxBrowser you must ensure that the file "browsercore32.exe" can be executed. When installed with default paths, the file is stored in the following directory:"%APPDATA%/Inxmail/Inxmail_Client_Professional/work/jxbrowser_6.21/chromium". We recommend that you allow the start of applications from "% APPDATA% / Inxmail / Inxmail_Client_Professional" in general, so that new components can also be started for future Inxmail Professional updates.