License Releases

Inxmail Professional 4.8.22


There are new features and upgrades in Version 4.8.22 for email marketing with Inxmail Professional.

General improvements/upgrades

'Mailings' agent

  • New update button for the Advanced Template: For mailings that are based on the Advanced Template, you can use an update button in the mailing to update the mailing to a newer version of the Advanced Template as soon as it is available.

'Templates' agent (Global settings)

  • The demo template in the template library was updated.

'Content' agent: Checkbox for URL coding of Inxmail placeholders

  • Use the checkbox "URL-encode Inxmail placeholders in datasource URL" to determine how Inxmail should handle certain special characters (e.g. "+") in Inxmail placeholders.

'Subscription' agent

  • The selectable link types in the subscribe/unsubscribe mailings have been extended. For example, it is now possible to couple a linkable element in a DOI confirmation mailing with a subscription confirmation link (verify opt-in).

Help menu

  • From now on you will find a lot of information about the various services offered by Inxmail and a wide range of email marketing knowledge in the help menu under the two new menu items "Services" and "Knowledge".
  • Omission of the ‘Manual’ menu item
    The new Inxmail Online Help Portal found under is replacing the previous PDF manual. You can access the Online help function (context-sensitive) by pressing the F1 key as normal.

Inxmail Online Help Portal

The Inxmail Professional online help, which you can call up from the help menu, has been redesigned. As usual, you can also call up the context-sensitive help by pressing the F1 key.

To use the new online help, you have to install the help package, see chapter 4.3.15 "Specifying settings for the online help" in the Server Manual.

Everything in one portal

The main development is that you can now find information about all Inxmail products in one portal, i.e.,

  • Inxmail Professional and Inxmail Advanced Template
  • Inxmail Professional Integrations
  • Inxmail Commerce
  • Inxmail Commerce Integrations
  • and links to the API documentation

Filterable search

In the new Inxmail Online Help Portal, you can filter your search by product/subproduct to obtain more targeted search results. The filter is automatically preselected depending on the product you are currently in. You can change the filter at any time to refine or extend your search.

New look and responsive design

The look of the Inxmail Online Help has been made consistent with the Inxmail brand identity and has been optimised for mobile use.

What the future holds

The new system behind the Online Help Portal will provide even more options for improvement and extension in the future, in terms of searching or integrating media for example.
We will be carrying out further improvements in the background over the coming months, so that you will be able to find the relevant information for your work with Inxmail Professional even more quickly in the future.


  • Java
    Java was updated to version 11.0.8.
  • Tomcat
    Tomcat was updated to version 8.5.58.

Operating systems

  • The operating system Windows 7 is no longer supported.