Smart templates: optimal newsletter design

Easily create compelling newsletters

Efficiently put your ideas into practice with our smart templates, from newsletters through to highly personalised email campaigns. The modular building block system lets you create customised mailings quickly. We would be happy to produce a customised template according to your requirements on request.

  • Visually attractive, customised mailings in line with your corporate design
  • Easily integrate personalised recommendations, vouchers, articles, images and links
  • Optimal readability on desktops, tablets and smartphones

Create mailings efficiently

Leave a lasting impression in your recipients’ inboxes: create individual and visually compelling newsletters that meet your needs and win over your customers.

  • Optimal layout and design
  • Modular building block system and grid-based layout
  • Flexibly display and hide articles
  • Attention-grabbing additional elements such as teaser or header graphics

Targeted personalisation

Implement successful mailings with relevant content and attract the attention of your recipients with personalised content.

  • Address recipients directly
  • Target group-specific product recommendations, voucher codes and file attachments
  • Individualised articles, images and links
  • Automatic control of personal and target group-relevant content

Optimised for all end devices

Benefit from an optimised display of your newsletter on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

  • Optimal readability on desktops, tablets and smartphones
  • Layout and interface behaviour adapted to different devices
  • Content can be delivered to end device appropriately

Content from external systems

Personalise your mailings: easily integrate data and content from your systems into your newsletters. Do this by accessing your system landscape:

  • CRM
  • Online shop
  • CMS
  • ERP
  • Campaign management
  • Social media

Integrate individual landing pages

Win over your recipients with service-oriented communication. Create individualised offers on landing pages for your recipients and easily integrate them into your newsletters with our smart templates.

  • One-click personalisation
  • Optionally add personalised information to links
  • Recipients are recognised in the linked service portal

Future-proof technology

Benefit from technological trends and leverage them for your success with our smart templates.

  • Alignment to current market requirements
  • Continuous further development
  • Future innovations via updates

Template Services

Beratung, Gestaltung und Support aus einer Hand: Wir sind Experten für die Umsetzung von professionellen und individualisierten Newslettern. Bei uns erhalten Sie vielseitige Dienstleistungen und fundiertes Expertenwissen für die Gestaltung Ihres optimalen Newsletter-Templates.

  • Beratung rund um Aufbau und Optimierung von Newsletter-Templates
  • Unterstützung bei der Layout-Gestaltung
  • Technischer Support
  • Individuelle Schulungen

Inxmail smart templates – comparison of features

Compare the professional email marketing functions of our newsletter templates to find the perfect mailing template for you. Of course, we implement your individual wishes in terms of structure, navigation, calls-to-action, images, colours and fonts.

FeaturesAdvanced TemplateEnterprise Template
Extra-wide banners through additional graphic elements
Mobile teaser graphics
Option to hide articles on mobile end devices
Target group-specific content
External Web tracking (econda, Google Analytics, eTracker)
Advertising banners
Multi-format (text, HTML, multipart)
Individual design solution
Control of content using target groups
Content import (content connection from external systems)
Send-time content (content import during mailing dispatch)
Dynamic integration of attachments through target groups
N-column articles
Language control
Topic control
Individually set dimensions of layout
Personalised images (recommendation engines, for example)
Dynamic creation of personalised landing pages
Dynamic setting of links with tracking information

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