Effectively combining campaign management and email marketing

Manage complex, multichannel campaigns efficiently and automatically: Campaign planning with target group selection and success evaluation are both processed in the campaign management solution, while mailings are edited in our solution.

Intelligent campaign management and multichannel strategy

Cross-channel marketing

Use personalised, automated and cross-channel customer communication to increase your conversion rates. Even complex cross-channel marketing strategies can be efficiently implemented by integrating your campaign management tool into our solutions.

Cross-selling and up-selling potential

Tap the cross-selling and up-selling potential of your company and continue to increase your customer value. Our solutions can be readily integrated into your existing system landscape to achieve a rapid return on investment.

Advantages of integration for you

  • Customer data and reports on key performance indicators are always up to date
  • Direct, centralised processing of responses as basis for follow-up campaigns
  • Cross-channel reporting including sales data
  • Systematic integration of online and offline communication
  • Professional newsletter templates ensure that corporate design specifications are maintained
  • High deliverability thanks to whitelisting of the Inxmail servers
  • Maximum sending speed, even with a high sending volume

Typical workflow for campaign management integration

Email marketing multi channel campaign management

DynaCampaign: centralised system for multichannel campaigns

Combine your email marketing with various channels such as print, telephone and text messaging. This is made possible by the interface between the DYMATRIX DynaCampaign campaign management tool and the Inxmail email marketing solution. Campaign planning with target group selection and success evaluation are both processed centrally via the DynaCampaign system. You can draw on the professional functions offered with our software solution when carrying out your mailings.

Value IQ: Use intelligent analyses to develop further channels

Do you conduct email marketing in the eCommerce field? Then our interface to Value IQ has a number of advantages to offer you. Value IQ analyses and categorises the purchasing patterns of prospective and current customers as well as the methods they use to obtain information. This allows you to optimise communication with customers and advertise your special offers in the best way possible. Recipient reactions from email campaigns are transferred back to the campaign management tool, where they can be used for new segmentations and campaigns in other channels.

MASS Campaign: Manage complex campaigns automatically and across all channels

Plan complex campaigns quickly and easily: Marketing and campaign managers can use the MASS Campaign solution as an integrated tool for professional collaboration across multiple channels.  The two solutions working together allow campaigns to be professionally planned and organised, while also making it possible to launch them at the right time, targeting the right recipients.

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