CMS integration: email marketing on a standardised basis

Save time and standardise your communication based on a single source of data. Content management systems usually only possess rudimentary functionalities for email marketing. Our integrations let you send professional mailings and efficiently incorporate your editorial and product-specific content into your newsletter. You can also use your CMS as an editorial tool for your newsletter. That way, you can work quickly and productively.

Standardised communication with your CMS as the central data source

Conveniently create emails with the latest data

Create your newsletter with minimal effort. Your data is always kept up to date, since you directly upload your editorial content into your newsletter when you create it. You can also automatically integrate product information that is updated at the sending time. That way, you can create efficient mailings with comprehensive, completely up-to-date content.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Maintain data at a single point
  • Access to content contained in the CMS
  • Automatic importing of newsletter contents
  • Expansion of newsletter content based on CMS data
  • Dynamic data integration

CMS as the sole editing tool ensures an efficient workflow

Email marketing cms redaction tool integration workflow

Create content productively and send it out professionally

Use your CMS as a tool to create content for your website and newsletter. Your editors don’t have to learn their way around a new system, and can create content with the greatest level of efficiency. Simple continue to create and publish content in the CMS that is already in use. The content is then imported into the Inxmail solution. There, editors can further optimise and modify the newsletter. In this way, you can carry out professional email marketing with all kinds of advantages, such as legally compliant dispatch, maximum delivery and extensive evaluation options.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Marketers and editors get to work in a familiar software environment
  • Automatic importing of newsletter contents
  • Professional bounce management
  • Legally compliant dispatch
  • Maximum sending speed, even with a high sending volume
  • High deliverability thanks to whitelisting
  • Real-time reporting on the most important key figures in email marketing

Selection of our CMS integrations

Your content management system can be integrated at any time. If the system can provide XML files, integration is quick and easy.

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