Social media: multiplier for your newsletter

Use social media to raise your profile. A share function in the newsletter allows you to rapidly expand your target group. You can also convert your Facebook followers into contacts you can address directly in your newsletter mailing list. Actively expand the reach of your email campaigns by intelligently linking social media and email marketing.

Reap the benefits of sharing functions

Achieve a wide reach using social media: an extremely easy way to share content

Successfully generate leads

Use clever, integrated lead generation to convert followers into newsletter subscribers

Transforming newsletter articles into viral messages

Newsletter in Sozialen Medien teilen







Easy-to-use ‘Share with Social Media’ function

Integrate your email marketing with social networking sites and tap the potential to expand your reach. Make it easier for your recipients to share interesting articles on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. This allows you to distribute content to an expanded group of readers beyond your newsletter subscribers.

Advantages for you

  • Share newsletter content fast and easily
  • Establish credibility with personal recommendations
  • Increase the number of subscribers for your newsletter
  • Receive reports on shared content and media used

Converting Facebook followers into newsletter subscribers

Facebook Lead Ads: Facebook Follower zu Newsletter Abonnenten machen

Integrating Facebook lead ads to add new newsletter subscribers

Are you looking to ensure you really reach your readers without having to rely on EdgeRank or promoted posts? Facebook lead ads help you convert your followers into new subscribers for your newsletter. You can precisely define the desired target groups and improve the quality of leads in the process.

And most importantly: It’s all done using the double opt-in method in real time.

Advantages for you

  • Wide reach and lead quality on Facebook
  • Precisely tailor lead ads to your target groups
  • High conversion rate thanks to optimised forms
  • Save time through automated data transfer 
  • Seamless integration into existed email marketing processes
  • Double opt-in ensures legally compliant email marketing

Automatic transfer of leads from Facebook to Inxmail Professional

Facebook Lead Ads process
Facebook Lead Ads process in 3 steps

User-friendly onboarding process

When a prospective customer clicks a lead ad (1), a form opens right in Facebook in which the person’s contact data, such as their name or email address, is automatically added based on the information the user shared on Facebook. The user can then decide what information they would like to provide to the company from Facebook and also edit it if they wish (2).

Lead transfer in real time

Facebook Lead Ads Integration for Inxmail Professional transfers the information entered by the Facebook user automatically to Inxmail Professional (3). The data can then be used here for sending newsletters or for large-scale follow-up campaigns.

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