Inxmail Professional 4.8.10

Inxmail Professional 4.8.10


There are new features and upgrades in version 4.8.10 for your email marketing with Inxmail Professional.

General improvements/upgrades

With version 4.8.10, we have introduced improvements that allow you to protect yourself even better against list bombing attacks. In the case of a list bombing attack, subscriptions to your newsletter are made by computer programs or bots. An enormous number of fictitious or actually existing email addresses are transferred to your registration form and the registration process is triggered (DOI) or even executed (SOI). The owners of the email addresses know nothing about this.

Using Google reCAPTCHA in HTML subscription forms
With version 4.8.10 you can now integrate Google reCAPTCHA into HTML subscription forms you have created yourself. (Embedding into dynamic web pages of type "Subscription" was already possible.) By including Google reCAPTCHA in your HTML[nbsp]subscription form, you prevent computer programs or bots from registering via your website.

The integrated version of Google reCAPTCHA uses algorithms to determine whether a person or a computer program visits a Web page. This means that tests in which certain objects must be identified in a series of pictures usually become redundant.

Instructions on how to integrate Google reCAPTCHA into your existing HTML subscription form can be found in the online help.

New log entry in the Subscriptions agent: "Prevented automatic bot subscription"
This log entry is generated in the event of a prevented list bombing attack (automatic bot subscription is prevented).