ASP Releases

Inxmail Professional 4.8.18


There are new features and upgrades in version 4.8.18 for email marketing with Inxmail Professional.

General improvements/upgrades

'Subscription' agent

  • The selectable link types in the subscribe/unsubscribe mailings have been extended. For example, it is now possible to couple a linkable element in a DOI confirmation mailing with a subscription confirmation link (verify opt-in).

'Brand Identity Protection' agent

  • The agent 'Domains' was renamed and is now called 'Brand Identity Protection'.


REST API Update Newsletter

You can now receive free information about new features of the Inxmail Professional REST API via newsletter: Register

New in version 4.8.18

  • When retrieving a subscription event collection, multiple lists can now be specified.
  • When retrieving an unsubscription event collection, multiple lists can now be specified.

Operating systems

  • The operating system Windows 7 is no longer supported.