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Inxmail Professional 4.8.20


There are new features and upgrades in version 4.8.20 for email marketing with Inxmail Professional.

General improvements/upgrades

'Mailings' agent: New update button for the Advanced Template

  • For mailings that are based on the Advanced Template, you can use an update button in the mailing to update the mailing to a newer version of the Advanced Template as soon as it is available.

'Content' agent: Checkbox for URL coding of Inxmail placeholders

  • Use the checkbox "URL-encode Inxmail placeholders in datasource URL" to determine how Inxmail should handle certain special characters (e.g. "+") in Inxmail placeholders.

Omission of the ‘Manual’ menu item

  • The new Inxmail Online Help Portal found under is replacing the previous PDF manual. You can access the Online help function (context-sensitive) by pressing the F1 key as normal.


REST API Update Newsletter

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  • Java
    Java was updated to version 11.0.8.