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Inxmail Professional 4.8.3


There are new features and upgrades in version 4.8.3 for email marketing with Inxmail Professional.


As of version 4.8.3, Inxmail Professional is only available as a 64bit version.

If the Inxmail Professional 32bit version is used, carry out the following steps until the release of version 4.8.3. You may need assistance from your IT administrator for this.

  • If Inxmail Professional is installed on a 32-bit operating system: First switch to a 64-bit operating system
  • Download the Inxmail Professional 64bit version here: Inxmail Professional 64bit
  • If necessary, uninstall the Inxmail Professional 32bit version via Control Panel [gt] Programs [gt] Uninstall a program
  • Install the Inxmail Professional 64bit version

Then you can work with Inxmail Professional as usual.

General improvements/upgrades

"Subscription" Web page

You can integrate Google reCAPTCHA into the Web page "Subscription". This will prevent computer programs or bots from subscribing via the Web page. 
The integrated version of Google reCAPTCHA uses algorithms to determine whether a person or a computer program visits a Web page. This means that tests in which certain objects must be identified in a series of pictures usually become redundant.

The Google reCAPTCHA functionality is available as of Inxmail Professional 4.8.3. If you have created a "Subscription" Web page before Inxmail Professional 4.8.3 and want to use the Google reCAPTCHA functionality, you must create a new "Subscription" Web page. Copying an existing web page is not sufficient.


In the visual link analysis and in the mailing preview, the display of images has been optimised. Images are now loaded again reliably using secure connections.
The print and export function in the visual link evaluation is no longer available.


  • Copy mailing
  • Send standard mailings immediately (without approval)
  • Continue an interrupted sending of a standard mailing
  • Send an already approved mailing
  • Search for mailings which are ready to be sent
  • Copy and paste mailing including approval status
  • Retrieve standard mailings with embedded statistical data
  • Mailings with type SEQUENCE_MAILING (email sequence mailings) are not supported anymore.

Operating systems

The operating system macOS Mojave is supported.



Java was updated to version 11.0.1.


Tomcat was updated to version 8.5.34 .


Inxmail Professional uses the JxBrowser to display web-based components. The JxBrowser is updated with Inxmail Professional 4.8.3.
The JxBrowser is a separate application that is installed with Inxmail Professional.
It is started automatically by Inxmail Professional if necessary. To make an automatic start possible, your Windows settings should be set up so that applications from the Inxmail Professional installation directory can be started.

Details (You may need the support of your administrator)
To start the JxBrowser you must ensure that the file "browsercore32.exe" can be executed. When installed with default paths, the file is stored in the following directory: "%APPDATA%/Inxmail/Inxmail_Client_Professional/work/jxbrowser_6.22/chromium". We recommend that you allow the start of applications from "% APPDATA% / Inxmail / Inxmail_Client_Professional" in general, so that new components can also be started for future Inxmail Professional updates.