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Inxmail for Apteco

Email marketing is an established part of the marketing mix, because no other marketing measure achieves a comparably high ROI (return on investment) in combination with other channels. As a user of the Apteco marketing software, your focus is on:

  • data-driven and target group-oriented marketing activities,
  • campaign automation,
  • self-service for web-based dashboards that offer flexible evaluation of all Inxmail and other data sources, as well as
  • detailed analyses and the generation of insights, which in turn are taken into account and implemented in future marketing activities.
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From Insights to Actions

The Apteco approach

Apteco follows the "Insight into Action" approach to unlock the maximum power from your marketing data. In the following, we will show you what this means:

The basis is the consolidation of all your customer and transaction data into a unified 360° customer view. Break down the stereotypical barriers between departments and use data from all areas: online and offline, email and social media, website and mobile marketing, etc.

Marketers get direct access to data, reducing dependency on other departments like IT to make faster and more informed decisions.

With more than 200 functions, marketers can create derived variables from their data that provide crucial additional insights:

  • Date of birth --> Age classification
  • Home address --> Distance to nearest shop
  • Purchase amount --> Customer Lifetime Value

This is how the software transforms the data to generate insights from it. Interactive dashboards also allow you to visualise the data.

True to the motto "Insights are good but actionable insights are even better", the aim now is to transform the insights gained into concrete marketing activities. What could this look like?

A Venn diagram, as shown here, is an excellent way to determine a target group. The intersection of the overlapping circles (here customer segments) shows, for example, which customers are regular shoppers, have recently made a purchase and had a high shopping basket in the process. From this, a target group for e.g. a reactivation campaign can be identified, because these are the customers who are normally regular shoppers with high shopping baskets, but have not bought anything for a while, therefore only have an overlap of two of the three circles.

With just a few clicks, these people can be converted into a target segment and included in an email or other campaign directly.

Other examples are:

  • Visualising changes within your marketing segments over time: Am I losing customers from the VIP segment to a lower value segment? Why is this happening?
  • Pareto analysis: Who are the customers that generate, say, 80% of my sales? How can I communicate with them to reflect this value to my business?
  • Lookalike profiling: How can I quickly identify target groups within my customer base that are similar to my best customers?

The purpose is to derive results from the executed marketing activities. The campaign data must be monitored, analysed and evaluated in order to extract the corresponding results.

With the help of the previously determined segments and target groups, simple but also complex campaigns can be carried out. By automating this process, time and costs as well as human resources can be saved. Campaign automation automatically determines who should be contacted when and with which communication. Based on the insights from the customer transaction data, the messages are personalised and then automatically targeted.

It is also important to decide on the right approach: Should I build a single or multi-channel campaign? Single or multi-stage?

This step is all about incorporating insights gained from past campaigns into future campaigns. Crucial to this is the automatic creation of a contact history across all channels, which allows you to collect and integrate responses. This means you know exactly who has responded to a campaign in the past and how, meaning for example who has opened, clicked or bought something. This allows you to ensure that people receive communications in the future tailored to that action and also to avoid one person receiving too many communications.

In order to track the impact of your activities on the company's performance, it is also important to summarise the campaign responses and derive KPIs from them. With these, you can observe how the campaigns carried out have affected customer loyalty and retention, for example.

The advantages of the integration solution

The benefits of the integration play a central role in three of the four steps of the circle. Only in the first step, "Data to Insights", does the Apteco marketing software work alone; in the other three, "Insights to Actions", "Actions to Outcomes" and "Outcomes to Data", Inxmail provides added value.

The email marketing application automatically transfers the customer information relevant to your email marketing directly to Inxmail:

This allows you to create highly personalised newsletters and offers for customers, with the resulting recipient responses, such as opens, clicks and bounces, fed directly back to the Apteco marketing software. This way, they can be used for the next marketing campaign to target it more precisely and thus improve the results even further.

Enabled functions through the integration

The integration enables a seamless bidirectional connection between Inxmail and your systems (public, private or hybrid cloud).

  • Automatic data synchronisation ensures that all relevant customer, purchase and behavioural data from Apteco is available for your email marketing. This not only increases the data quality in Inxmail, but also that of your 360° customer view.
  • At the same time, response data from newsletter recipients is synchronised back to Apteco, which in turn enables in-depth, value-added and cross-campaign analyses.
  • Action-triggered emails, e.g. after a customer has completed a purchase or logged into their customer account, can be targeted in real time, ensuring the best possible point of contact.
  • Fully automated targeting of your mailings based on e.g. purchases.
  • Benefit from a personalised email preview in Apteco PeopleStage.
  • Dashboarding in Apteco Orbit allows you to create cross-mailing reports and view individually selected newsletters in detail.
  • For recipient lists, additional dynamic contact fields can be created individually.

Impressions of Apteco in this video

This video shows what a data exchange between Inxmail and Apteco could look like:

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