Inxmail email marketing platform

Inxmail email marketing platform

Prices & features

Welcome to the Inxmail email marketing platform - your solution for efficient and personalized email marketing. Our platform consists of three main modules: Newsletters & campaigns, transactional emails and SMTP mail relay. Each module is designed to meet specific requirements and can be customized.

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Modules and prices

Newsletter & Campaigns

  • Sending emails to many recipients
  • Fast and flexible creation and regular sending of highly personalized emails to defined target groups. Marketing automation routes can be created via drag & drop
  • Newsletters, marketing automation, event invitations
  • From 200 euros / month (prepaid possible)
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Transaction emails

  • Sending emails to individual recipients triggered by a trigger
  • Fast and flexible creation of templates that are filled with data based on rules and sent immediately. Rule-based follow-up communication can be triggered via workflows
  • Order confirmations, notifications, reminders, requests, logging of processes, status changes
  • From 100 euros / month (prepaid possible)
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SMTP mail relay

  • Fast forwarding of emails generated by external systems
  • Fast and reliable delivery to the recipient's inbox. Link tracking with analysis possible
  • Emails from: ERP, CRM, online stores, own solutions
  • From 100 Euro / month (prepaid possible)
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Features of the email marketing platform

Security and deliverability

  • Fast, secure and reliable delivery to the inbox thanks to CSA-certified mail server dispatch
  • Real-time monitoring of domain health (reputation monitoring) to optimize deliverability
  • Server location for sending and processing exclusively in Germany - GDPR-compliant
  • Very high availability (24/7) with defined and monitored SLAs
  • Sending up to 1 million emails per hour, more on request*
  • Dedicated IP addresses*
  • Bounce management with rule-based notification, e.g. to the service center
  • BIMI*
  • ISO 27001


  • Reports and analyses: Clickmap, reactions, development over time
  • Individual tracking parameters can be set for e.g. Google Analytics, Econda
  • Dashboard
  • All data in Inxmail can be exported, e.g. for import into BI/CDP*

User management

  • User interface in DE and EN
  • Self-administrated role and rights management
  • Single sign-on integration via external identity providers (OIDC IdPs)*
  • Multi-client capability and several separate workspaces per client possible*

Service / Support

  • Support via ticket, telephone, e-mail, meetings via MS teams (1-2 hours per month included)
  • Support languages: DE, EN, FR
  • Personal contacts in sales, customer care, consulting and support
  • Experts for all areas
  • Online help, training videos, webinars, use cases, case studies, examples, white papers, smart guides, blog, annual benchmark
  • 24/7 system availability support*
  • Training, consulting and workshops*

Integration options

  • Tech consulting for professional advice / support with integration projects*
  • Can be connected almost anywhere as a data hub*
  • Many existing integrations, also to integration platforms*

Note: Services marked with an asterisk (*) can be booked optionally.

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Features Campaigns & newsletters and transactional emails

Email editing system

  • No code WYSIWYG email editor with drag & drop for pixel-perfect layouts and design without HTML knowledge
  • Management of individual corporate designs with style sets
  • Templates for complete flexibility in design and modular designs
  • AI assistant / text generator in the email editor
  • Extensive test suite with integrated display, spam and link test, preview via test profiles
  • Own image database can be connected directly via SFTP or Inxmail image database with CDN for efficient image delivery*
  • Image editor

Address and data management

  • Unlimited number of recipients, attributes, target groups and mailing lists
  • Web forms can be created for e.g. login pages, profile management
  • Import automation from e.g. CSV
  • Export automation for transferring response data, profile information and bounce information to a BI, CDP or other system*

Dynamic content

  • Simple integration of your own content, whether product feed, RSS, website (Open Graph) or other data sources - at the time of editing or dispatch
  • Simple integration of dynamically generated images at the time of opening (real-time), e.g. recommendations, status
  • Mobile optimization: Self-definable views for mobile or desktop
  • Targeting content per target group

Workflows / Marketing Automation

  • Graphical workflow editor, unlimited number of workflows
  • Time-controlled dispatch
  • Lead scoring


  • Voucher add-on (also available with QR code)*
  • Image personalization*

Note: Services marked with an asterisk (*) can be booked optionally.

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