Inxmail for SAP Sales Cloud

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Inxmail for SAP Sales Cloud

Are you using SAP Sales Cloud as the leading system to manage your mailing campaigns? Then free yourself from the limited range of functions. With minimal effort, you experience maximum freedom: Thanks to a comprehensive editor, the seamless integration of Inxmail ensures professional mailings that meet the highest standards. In just a few clicks, you can design eye-catching templates for newsletters. All contact data as well as subscriptions and unsubscriptions are automatically synchronized at all times. Try it out for yourself and make your work easier.

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Fully integrated email marketing

This is how your campaigns become more successful

Get out of the data silos: With the integration of Inxmail into the SAP Sales Cloud, you intelligently incorporate profiled customer data into your email campaigns. Best of all, marketing and sales work hand in hand.

Your advantages

  • Automatic imports and exports of contact data
  • Reports and statistics from Inxmail can be viewed directly in the SAP Sales Cloud campaign
  • Marketing consents are cross-checked to comply with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO) guidelines
  • Customer data from SAP Sales Cloud can be used for personalized mailings

New possibilities with Inxmail New Xperience

Professional mailings directly in SAP Sales Cloud

Create mailings - faster than ever before. You will be amazed by the speed with which you can create professional emails. Inxmail New Xperience offers you many convenience features to save time and get to your goal faster.

Creative mailings in no time

We trimmed Inxmail New Xperience for speed. Thanks to the new stylesets and container function, your mailings can be realized in seconds. Don't waste time and work together: The best mailings are created in a team.

Working with joy of use

Generate creative content without technical barriers: In doing so, Inxmail New Xperience meets every design requirement - whether it's corporate design compliant work down to the last pixel or style elements such as colors, fonts or buttons.

More performance, more profit

More conversions - just by loading the images of your mailings 20 percent faster. This is made possible by one of the world's best content delivery networks (CDN), which Inxmail uses.

Automated processes

Extremely adaptable: Inxmail New Xperience can easily process external data from various sources and implement it directly into mailings - completely automatically. For example, customer data from your CRM or product information from your online store.

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Are you already using SAP Sales Cloud? Inxmail for SAP Sales Cloud enables professional email marketing based on existing and qualified addresses from SAP Sales Cloud. You can find more information in the SAP Store.

Efficient workflow

Access to full performance with just one login: this is how the integration of Inxmail for SAP Sales Cloud works.

The first step is to create a new target group in SAP Sales Cloud.

Then you create a new campaign and make the appropriate settings. Here you also connect the target group you just created with the campaign. The recipient data is transferred to Inxmail. 

Mailing creation and editing takes place in Inxmail New Xperience. It is operated without changing programs via the SAP Sales Cloud interface. You can use customer information from SAP Sales Cloud via placeholders to personalize your mailings. The recipient profile data is filled with information from the SAP Sales Cloud during dispatch via the integration.

In Inxmail New Xperience, you have extensive testing options at your disposal, such as a display test and a spam test. You can use the preview to check the mobile version and the personalization.

In the next step, you send the mailing. Of course, you can also schedule the dispatch of the mailing.

To measure success, all important mailing statistics and interactions are available to you after sending, both in Inxmail and in the SAP Sales Cloud. This allows you to use recipient reactions from your contacts for further evaluations and as a basis for follow-up campaigns.

Data exchange

High-level architecture

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