Inxmail SMTP Mail Relay

The direct route to the inbox

Nothing is more annoying than important mailings that arrive too late or even end up in the spam folder. Aborted purchase processes, lost sales and weakened customer loyalty are potential consequences that every company should avoid.
As a user of Inxmail SMTP Mail Relay, you can rely on our proven infrastructure for sending. It is designed to minimize deliverability problems and significantly improve the reliability of your email communication. Our advanced sending technology plays a key role in ensuring that your messages arrive where they are expected - in your customers' inboxes.

  • Secure delivery of your emails directly to the inbox
  • Easy connection to a variety of systems
  • Bounce management controls automatic follow-up processes
  • Optional: Tracking and reporting to optimize success
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Are your e-mails being received?

How to recognize problems with your deliverability

How do you even notice that you have a deliverability problem? Our tips for reliably delivered mailings:

  • Keep an eye on your bounces: The bounce rate is an indicator of potential deliverability issues.
  • Pay attention to relevant content: A drop in the open rate may mean that mailings have been marked as spam because they are not relevant.
  • Only send desired emails: New protection mechanisms stipulate that your spam rate must be below 0.3 percent.

The evaluation of bounces requires some experience. Look out for anomalies such as "Reputation", "Blocklist" or "Policy". Our experts will be happy to help you evaluate your key figures.

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Reliable delivery with Inxmail SMTP Mail Relay

Fast and secure delivery through CSA-certified mail server dispatch

Our dispatch technology contributes to your messages arriving where they are expected - in your customers' inboxes. This significantly reduces deliverability problems.

Fast and secure delivery of your emails

Whether newsletters, transactional emails or status emails from online portals: The success of your emails depends largely on a secure, prompt delivery. You can rely on our many years of experience and the certified Inxmail servers, which are located exclusively in Germany. Our high quality standards are a key factor in ensuring that your emails reach your customers' inboxes in a targeted and efficient manner.


Full control thanks to delivery status and bounce management

Professional bounce management is essential for your success! If you don't process bounces properly or even ignore them, you jeopardize your sender reputation, lose communication opportunities and run the risk of ending up on blocklists. This can have serious financial or legal consequences.

With our Mail Relay, you retain control and an overview of the delivery of your emails. We reliably record all soft and hard bounces. This allows you to react to bounces and keep your recipient lists up to date.

Mail Relay Reporting

Tracking and reporting to optimize success

You can measure the success of your mailings with the optional integrated tracking and reporting. Not only do you receive information about the number of your mailings and bounces, but you can also record the average open and click rates of your emails if you wish. Continuous testing allows you to optimize your mailings in the long term.

Easy connection via SMTP or API


Are you creating mailings in your CRM, ERP system, online store or online portal and looking for a solution to optimize your mailings? With Inxmail Mail Relay, you can connect a variety of specialized systems and benefit from our proven infrastructure. We offer you two options for simple integration: via SMTP or via REST API. Address maintenance and mailing editing take place in your system, while dispatch is handled by our reliable mail servers. Your advantages: You don't have to worry about optimizing your own servers. In addition, your systems are relieved of the burden of sending emails. So you can rest assured that your emails will arrive reliably.

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Inxmail Services

We support you in all aspects of deliverability

Our customers' success is our top priority. That's why we're on hand with help and advice when setting up and using Mail Relay and support you in all matters relating to deliverability. Use our knowledge! It's the interaction between customer and mailing service provider that makes the result perfect.

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Your individual offer for SMTP Mail Relay.

Take advantage of Inxmail's strong sending infrastructure and improve your deliverability - with SMTP Mail Relay and optional open and click rate tracking. The most important things are already included: the costs for hosting and administration, 1 hour of user support per month and support from our deliverability team. You can also take advantage of individual services at any time.

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