Marketing automation with Inxmail

Simplify and combine your marketing processes

    Marketing automation makes many things possible: use behavior-based and time-driven triggers to optimally address your target groups and send truly relevant emails at the right time. Create positive customer experiences with birthday mailings, event series or action-driven follow-up campaigns. The automation tool and our workflow templates provide targeted support for your marketing processes in the respective customer lifecycle. This means you never miss an opportunity to address and reach your customers. Benefit from:

    • Time and resource savings
    • Targeted approach
    • Increased customer experience and sales
    • Customer retention and loyalty
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    Workflow Editor

    Automated processes along the customer lifecycle

    Whether recurring events such as birthdays, a complex mailing to different target groups or scheduled follow-up routes: Everything is possible! With workflows, you can create automated email marketing processes based on target group-specific and behavior-related conditions - smoothly, clearly and without programming knowledge.

    Create once, benefit repeatedly

    Take advantage of the countless application possibilities

    You can also put together complex campaigns simply by dragging and dropping using the visual editor. You can save your individually designed workflows as templates so that you can reuse them as required and flexibly adapt them to new requirements. You don't always have to reinvent the wheel: We offer you ready-made templates for the most common marketing automation use cases - and the list is constantly growing. Reporting is also included: you have direct access to the most important key figures in your campaigns.

    Online orders

    Marketing automation can make the difference when it comes to online orders: By automating communication processes, companies achieve closer customer loyalty, higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction. Deliver relevant content at the right moment and increase customer value sustainably. The occasions and opportunities in online retail are numerous:

    • Shopping cart reminders
    • Personalized product recommendations
    • Automated post-purchase incentives
    • Evaluation prompts after the purchase
    • Updates on product availability

    Shopping cart reminders

    Shopping cart abandonment is a challenge for many retailers. With targeted shopping cart reminders, however, you have the chance to revive these missed sales opportunities. A perfectly timed reminder mailing can remind customers which products they still have in their shopping cart and encourage them to complete the purchase. Shopping cart reminders are effective for:

    • Increasing sales: Increase your conversion rate by bringing back indecisive customers.
    • Customer loyalty: Build a stronger relationship with your customers by responding to their individual needs.
    • Gaining feedback: Find out why customers abandon the purchase process and optimize your offer.

    Birthday mailings

    Birthday mailings are more than just a friendly greeting. They offer companies the opportunity to show customers appreciation on a special day and strengthen loyalty at the same time. With workflows, such marketing automation campaigns can be created quickly and easily: Use this opportunity to send your contacts personalized offers or discounts on their special day. The benefits of birthday mailings:

    • Customer loyalty: Strengthen the relationship with your customers.
    • Sales maximization: Increase interaction and sales.
    • Personalization: A picture is worth more than a thousand words - personalize graphics with the DynaPictures add-on.

    Event workflows

    Make a lasting impression at events with workflows! An event follow-up, for example, is a crucial step in further deepening the relationship with your participants: targeted follow-up actions tie in directly with the event and continue the dialog. The precise control and adaptation of communication - whether before, during or after the event - is significantly simplified by workflows. Thanks to automated event routes, you benefit from:

    • Increased engagement: maximize participation and engagement.
    • Brand impact: Create a consistent and memorable brand experience.
    • Presence: Ensure that no customer touchpoint goes unnoticed.

    Reactivation campaigns

    Winning back existing customers is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Use reactivation campaigns as an opportunity to renew lost relationships and further expand your business. With tailored offers, exclusive discounts or simple reminders, you can reignite the interest of inactive customers and bring them back into your customer base. Reactivation campaigns are suitable for:

    • Behavior-based personalization: make personalized offers based on past customer behavior.
    • Voucher marketing: Use the possibilities offered by the Inxmail voucher add-on.

    Welcome campaigns

    Automated welcome campaigns ensure a consistent and timely approach to new newsletter subscribers or customers in this important phase of the customer lifecycle. Carefully planned series of personalized mailings offer added value and can have a lasting positive impact on customer loyalty. The advantages of welcome mailings:

    • Orientation: the structured introduction helps customers find their way to your offer more quickly.
    • Brand loyalty: You build trust and brand loyalty through regular and relevant communication.
    • Customer satisfaction: A targeted introduction creates positive first impressions.
    • Many points of contact: Additional touchpoints are created for dialog with customers.
    • Service: Customer needs are satisfied and there are fewer service requests.

    Targeted approach for maximum conversions

    The target group editor makes segmentation easy

    With the target group editor, you can segment your recipients according to different languages, interests, place of residence, previous purchases or other characteristics. You can then tailor the content of your newsletter based on these attributes to meet the individual needs of your target group and maximize recipient engagement.

    Personalized mailing content

    More relevance ensures better performance

    Personalized mailing content takes customer communication to a new level: it not only makes email marketing more personal, but also more efficient and targeted. This increases relevance for recipients, which leads to more interaction and higher conversion rates. You determine the level of complexity of marketing automation yourself - from simple targeting to hyper-personalized mailings.

    Target group-based mailings

    Tailor-made content instead of one-size-fits-all: offer customers what they really want and need! With the help of target groups, you can control which recipients see which content in a mailing. Target group-based mailings allow messages to be tailored precisely to the respective recipients. This not only increases relevance, but also boosts open and click rates and promotes customer interaction and loyalty.

    Integrate external content

    Automated external content can significantly increase the added value of your mailings. Product data from an online store system, for example, is suitable for importing content. If data needs to be particularly up-to-date, for example if prices change frequently, send-time content is a good option: This is only loaded into the mailing from an external system at the time of dispatch. Real-time content is also possible, which is only updated when the email is opened.

    Automated graphics

    The DynaPictures add-on takes graphic personalization to a new level. With this integrated solution, marketers can personalize graphics themselves and automatically send them to their contacts. Using data, whether from email marketing software, third-party systems or a simple Excel spreadsheet, DynaPictures creates individualized graphics that increase attention and customer loyalty.

    Individual vouchers

    Vouchers are an established method of attracting, retaining and reactivating customers. With the voucher add-on in Inxmail, companies can easily manage and send voucher codes. The tool offers users the flexibility to create different campaign types, customize voucher settings and manage notifications about the voucher code contingent.

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