Inxmail for SAP Marketing Cloud

Send mailings fast and secure

Experience the benefits of Inxmail's powerful email delivery technology for your SAP Marketing Cloud. Inxmail for SAP Marketing Cloud connects both solutions without any programming effort. Ensure high delivery rates and automated bounce management for your mailings. Simple connection, quickly ready for use - giving you the best conditions for legally compliant email marketing.

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By the way: If you are not using SAP Marketing Cloud, Inxmail for SAP Sales Cloud could be the right solution for you.

HSE24 benefits from delivery reliability and services

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Efficient Workflow

The lean and fast solution: Use the Inxmail ESP Adapter for SAP Marketing Cloud to become more successful. The leading SAP system takes care of mailing editing and data handling, while Inxmail handles legally compliant dispatch and ensures reliable delivery.

Simple startup

Set up quickly and save resources: With the Inxmail ESP Adapter, you can easily send mailings from the SAP Marketing Cloud via the powerful Inxmail mailing solution.

Bounce management protects your reputation as a sender

Automated bounce management is an important feature that helps you protect your reputation as a sender. Undeliverable email addresses are automatically detected. Hard bounces are not contacted again to protect you from being classified as spam. You also get detailed reporting on delivered and undelivered mailings.

Email authentication: Inbox instead of spam folder

Meet the anti-spam basics so your emails will arrive reliably in your recipients' inboxes: Benefit from email authentication with the most popular methods such as sender policy framework (SPF), domainkeys identified mail (DKIM), DMARC and sender ID.

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See for yourself how Inxmail for SAP Marketing Cloud will make your everyday life easier: We will be happy to present all the important features to you in a personal live demo and answer your questions.

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