Inxmail for CAS genesisWorld

Strong customer relationships live from personal dialog

Inxmail for CAS genesisWorld enables professional email marketing with Inxmail based on existing and qualified addresses from CAS genesisWorld.

  • Digital communication is perfectly focused on your customers
  • Profiled customer data flows into your email campaigns
  • Increased success figures through targeted mailings
  • The dialog with your customers is actively supported
  • Your marketing and sales work hand in hand
  • DSGVO-compliant marketing by handling tracking permissions
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Benefits at a glance

Are you already using CAS genesisWorld version 12 or higher? Then take advantage of the free integration of our email marketing solution Inxmail with your Customer Relationship Management CAS genesisWorld. Even the one-time installation effort is minimal at approx. 30 minutes.

More successful email campaigns
Create DSGVO-compliant email campaigns in Inxmail based on your personal customer data from CAS genesisWorld. You can use recipient reactions (for example, opens or clicks) for targeted follow-up campaigns.

Innovative email marketing features
Take advantage of flexible and powerful features ranging from editing and personalization options to quality testing.

More efficiency and transparency
Reduce manual processes through the integrated use of always up-to-date customer data. Benefit from cross-departmental transparency, as all digital communication can be viewed by any employee in the CRM system at any time.

Higher dispatch and delivery rates
Benefit from the certified Inxmail mail servers when sending your mailings - your emails are guaranteed to be well delivered. And without putting a strain on your CRM system. Comprehensive bounce management ensures clean address distribution lists.

Increased measurability
Measure the success of your campaigns not only in your CRM system, but also in real time with the detailed analyses in Inxmail.

Dynamic newsletter templates
With Smart Templates, you can easily implement mobile-optimized emails in your corporate design without any knowledge of HTML.

How it works

  • Addresses are selected via a distribution list in CAS genesisWorld
  • The addresses from the distribution list are transferred to Inxmail
  • Drafting the content for a mailing, testing and sending is done with Inxmail
  • As soon as a mailing has been sent to the desired mailing list, information on subscriptions and unsubscriptions as well as bounces is transferred to CAS genesisWorld and displayed in the corresponding distribution list
  • In addition, a copy of the sent mailing will be kept in the files of the addressed persons
  • Contact person archived
  • Reports generated in Inxmail can also be accessed in CAS genesisWorld

Individual integration thanks to flexible interface

We test and implement the connection of your desired system via our powerful interfaces – whether it be a CRM system, an online shop, a web analysis tool or a campaign management solution.

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