Inxmail for econda

Inxmail for econda enables you, as an e-commerce operator, to have highly personalized and targeted email communication with your recipients. Use the interface between Inxmail and econda to your advantage: data can be exchanged in order to import email marketing figures from Inxmail to econda. But you can also select behavior-based recipient segments in econda on the other hand. This information can then be used for subsequent email campaigns in Inxmail.

  • Import email marketing key performance indicators
  • Conversion KPI export
  • Campaign tracking preparation
  • Possibility of behavioral targeting and re-marketing
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Efficient newsletters for e-commerce with high sales: Inxmail for econda closely links email marketing and e-commerce. In this way, for example, shopping cart abandoners can be led back to the online store. Furthermore, first-time buyers can be persuaded to make a second purchase with the help of individual product recommendations.

In the first case, the online store communicates directly to Inxmail that someone has cancelled the purchase. This triggers a data protection-compliant email that reaches the person immediately after the order process has been canceled. Highly personalized mailings with enriched information from web analytics achieve maximum relevance for the recipient and are therefore particularly successful.

In the second case, complex algorithms create recommendations individually tailored to the product interest, so-called next best offers. This enables automated cross and upselling in the newsletter. Placeholders are inserted at the desired points in the mailing, which are then automatically filled with individual next best offers for the respective recipient.

Inxmail ensures that your mailings are reliably delivered worldwide. This is how you achieve successful email marketing and generate higher store sales.

Individual integration thanks to flexible interface

We test and implement the connection of your desired system via our powerful interfaces – whether it be a CRM system, an online shop, a web analysis tool or a campaign management solution.

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