Email marketing and CRM system: a higher level of interconnectedness

Effectively use customer data with CRM integration

Successful customer relations are based on personal communication. In combination with your customer relationship management system, Inxmail software allows you to optimally maintain this dialogue. Your CRM system serves as the central database. Create and send your mailings with all the advantages of a professional email marketing solution.

  • Highly personalised, targeted email campaigns
  • Easy mailing creation and optimal presentation
  • Reliably delivered mailings, worldwide
  • Reduce the load of mailing dispatch on your CRM system
  • All your customer data is stored centrally and always kept up to date in one system

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Email marketing and CRM system: a higher level of interconnectedness

Professional integration-based solution

CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce are specifically designed to manage data and map workflows. However, they generally only provide simple basic functions for sending emails. Connecting your CRM system to Inxmail Professional will help kick-start your email marketing.

CRM as the central data source

Use your systems as they were intended: your CRM system serves as the central database and provides transparency in all communications with the customer. Mailings and newsletters are sent using the specialised email marketing solution from Inxmail.

How you benefit from CRM integration

  • Newsletter templates for optimal presentation and implementation in line with your brand
  • Extensive personalisation options
  • Professional bounce management
  • Legally compliant dispatch
  • Wide range of evaluation options
  • Reduce the load of mailing dispatch on your CRM system
  • Maximum deliverability


Typical workflow for CRM integration

CRM-based personalisation

Leverage your knowledge of your customers simply for personalised and effective mailings: all recipient data is transferred to Inxmail Professional in order to create your email campaigns. As an option, the entire mailing can be transferred from the CRM system for dispatch. Recipient responses such as opens and clicks tell you more about your customers’ preferences and enrich your CRM database.

Key figures available for all to view

Inxmail Professional imports all recipient responses such as bounces, openings and clicks into your CRM directly after dispatch. If new contacts subscribe, they are automatically created in the CRM in the same way. All information is in one central location and your systems are always up to date thanks to the automated data synchronisation, enabling marketing, sales and customer support staff to have a complete overview.

Email marketing straight from Microsoft CRM

Professional email marketing straight out of your Microsoft CRM helps promote dialogue with your customers: the integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365, available as a new development, allows you to achieve greater efficiency and transparency in your communication.

Salesforce and Inxmail for personalised email campaigns

Launch personalised, targeted email campaigns at minimum cost straight from Salesforce. Make use of Salesforce along with all the advantages of our professional email marketing solution. Information regarding leads and contacts is constantly kept up to date and automatically incorporated into your campaigns. The sent mailings and responses can be viewed in Salesforce at any time, thus ensuring transparency in marketing and sales.

To Inxmail for Salesforce

Customer example: Ocean relies on targeted dialogue in email marketing

Luxury yacht specialist Ocean Independence provides its worldwide broker network with information through targeted email campaigns that focus on its yachts. Connection to the CRM system, CAS genesisWorld, and a flexible newsletter template ensure that the high requirements for professional dialogue in this premium segment are met in the best possible way.

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Individual integration thanks to flexible interface

We test and implement the connection of your desired system via our powerful interfaces – whether it be a CRM system, an online shop, a web analysis tool or a campaign management solution.

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