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Inxmail services: top-quality services tailored to your needs

Whether it comes to help getting started, full service or technical advice for your email marketing,
we are there to support you with a wide range of services. We provide fast, personal responses to your questions and requests.

Starter services: for a rapid introduction to email marketing

Draw on the valuable expertise of Inxmail to get started with email marketing. We’re there for you during all phases, from system setup and planning through to dispatch and analysis.

From design to complete email campaigns

We will lay the foundations for your email marketing to ensure you feel confident during the initial phases of the project. This could include a strategic workshop or specific course, enabling you to start working with our solutions in no time. We will assist you during the process, or your department can do some or all of the work itself. You can rely on the support of our mailing management at all times.

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Ready-to-run: working together to launch your first newsletter

Your personal consultant will work hand in hand with you as you prepare to launch your first email campaign, providing support over the phone and via screen sharing. We are fully committed to meeting your needs and achieving your goals. When you are done and press send to publish your first newsletter, you will have detailed insights on how to carry out future email campaigns on your own.


Individual coaching

Do you and your team want to find out about Inxmail Professional? Then we would be glad to come to you for a personal consultation. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, we will provide you with the training you need based on your level of experience and the specific topics that interest you. This way, you can maximise the practical knowledge you gain and learn most effectively.

Online Coaching

Enjoy our expertise in professional email marketing right in your own office! We provide a constructive framework for you to raise questions and set goals that are specific to your own practice. As with the individual coaching, the content will be tailored to your specific interests and needs.

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Template services: consulting, design and support from a single source

We specialise in implementing professional, personalised mailings for you. We will modify your newsletter templates for you or support and advise you when implementing them. Achieving the best possible results based on your specific requirements.

Your benefits at a glance:

Range of options

From simple colour adjustments to detailed implementation of your own individual corporate design

Wide range of services

Variety of consulting, design and support services as well as introduction to your individual template

Broad-ranging experience

Adaptable, ready-to-use newsletter templates tailored to your requirements

Newsletter templates with numerous possibilities

Our templates could be seen as a content management system for newsletters. The templates allow you to make simple colour adjustments, create your own individual corporate design and everything in between. We will help you get the most out of our newsletter templates.

Wide range of services to help you create the perfect newsletter template

We offer an extensive array of services for our newsletter templates. These range from advice on and design of the layout to support and one-on-on training. We offer telephone, email and on-site support to help you carry out your mailing and gain additional expertise.

Extensive experience in design and implementation

We are able to draw on extensive email marketing experience covering all areas, including design, briefing, coordination and organisation, in meeting your needs. We will also quickly and conveniently create the graphic layout, from scribbles through to the final programming template. We can also teach you how to create templates on your own.

Mailing services: Unburden your internal resources

We will support you in your daily work with design, consulting and implementation services. Designed to fully meet your specific requirements.

Your benefits at a glance:

High-quality layout design

Mailing management that reduces your workload

Established design consulting services

Innovative trigger services

Template layout design

Mailings featuring your own design

We help you create newsletters that meet all of your individual needs. We design, brief, consult, coordinate and organise, and we create the graphic design. The result is a design template that is fully suited to your requirements.

Mailing management

Planning and executing your email marketing strategies

Following your specifications, we will manage your mailings to your target groups in a way that is tailored exactly to your needs — from the graphic design to the mailing’s final send-out. We will plan and execute your email marketing strategies for you. As a result, you will be able to organise your mailings more efficiently and significantly reduce the implementation time.

Service for your email marketing: We offer comprehensive support

The Inxmail team includes top-rate specialists with expertise in all areas of email marketing. They are experts in their respective fields and can see the situation from the customer’s perspective. Our friendly team of specialists will demonstrate solutions that work for you in a clear and comprehensible way, whether this involves simple user questions, complex interfaces or configuring or installing services.

Your benefits at a glance:

One-to-one answers on any topic

There are no questions our experts can’t answer, no matter how difficult or simple they may be.

Hassle-free: across-the-board support

You are free to choose whether you would like telephone, email or on-site support to help solve your problems.

Sharing knowledge: the Inxmail Community

The Inxmail Community is available to you: You can find information on email marketing 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Top-rate, award-winning service

Friendly, fast and reliable: We have received awards for the high quality of our customer service in the area of email marketing.

Professional, fast and reliable support

We are there to help you find the answers you need.

We seek to deliver hassle-free support to assist you in your everyday work. Inxmail will provide you with application and configuration support across a full range of topics based on your specific needs. Send us an email, phone us or make an appointment — whatever works best for you. We would be glad to provide you with expert, on-site support. We are there to answer any questions you may have, no matter how easy or complex. Where appropriate, we will also work in the background when performing configurations, installations and other similar tasks. You can also personally access technical information and user knowledge on a range of issues online.

What are you interested in? We are happy to assist you!

Work with us to optimise your email marketing by identifying potential, developing solutions and improving results.

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