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Emails as individual as your customers

The Inxmail email marketing platform offers everything you need for personalized newsletters and automated email campaigns. Whether alone or in a team: implement creative ideas easily, quickly and successfully! Get to know your target group better, reach your recipients with the right messages and boost your sales - with measurable results. Use Inxmail autonomously or link it with systems such as CRM, online store, CMS or campaign management tools.

  • Campaign emails with real relevance for your target groups
  • Design appealing mailings intuitively
  • Mailing creation with AI assistant
  • Visual workflow editor
  • Mailings delivered reliably worldwide
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What our customers say

"Inxmail is setting new standards in email marketing with its platform. Inxmail has managed to create a very attractive and user-friendly interface."

Alexis Kälin
Co-founder & Project Manager, Artwin AG

"The Inxmail email marketing platform impresses with its innovation, simple and modern usability and intuitive handling. The drag & drop function for creating mailings is particularly great."

Alisha Wiegand
Business Unit Manager & Senior Account Manager, rabbit eMarketing GmbH

"I am delighted with the uncompromising, innovative and intuitive implementation of the Inxmail email marketing platform. This allows us to create completely new solutions and further optimize our workflows."

David Keusch
LeadLink & Consultant, Unic AG

Creative mailings in no time

We know how you can work effectively - and have designed Inxmail for speed. Thanks to the style sets and the container function, your mailings can be implemented in seconds. Don't waste any time and work together: the best mailings are created in a team - Inxmail emphasizes this spirit.

  • Design your mailings modularly
  • Work on mailings as a team
  • Use the convenience functions for more speed
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Intuitive design with joy

Create creative content without technical hurdles: Inxmail meets every design requirement - whether it's corporate design-compliant work down to the last pixel or style elements such as colors, fonts and buttons. Functions such as drag & drop, pre-filled containers and integrated image editing ensure that your editorial process runs smoothly.

  • Benefit from an optimized workflow for editors
  • Create your mailings with pixel precision
  • Work creatively without programming knowledge
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Attractive texts with AI support

Use the potential of artificial intelligence directly in Inxmail and speed up your content creation! The AI assistant's creative suggestions make copywriting even easier for you. Optimize existing texts and simply get new ideas. Use the advanced technology to save valuable time and increase the quality of your communication at the same time.

  • Write emails in no time at all
  • Convey your messages clearly and convincingly
  • Speak the language of your target groups
  • Get inspired
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Design workflows via drag & drop

Whether email marketing campaigns, transactional emails or automated trigger emails: with workflows, you can design and control simple and complex processes with ease. In the visual editor, you can put everything together according to your individual requirements using drag & drop. Templates help you to create common email workflows. You can display the most important statistics at any time.

  • Visualize email workflows
  • Gain an optimal overview even for complex processes
  • Get results even faster with templates
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Outstanding performance that makes the difference

8.4 percent more conversions - simply by speeding up the loading time of the images in your mailings. This is made possible by one of the world's best content delivery networks (CDN), which Inxmail uses. Thanks to the extreme speed of the CDN used, your mailings load around 20 percent faster - which is later reflected in your sales.

  • Increase your revenue through faster loading times
  • Rely on a fail-safe mailing structure
  • Increase your deliverability
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Automated processes for content import

With Inxmail, you can address your recipients personally. Based on your customers' data, preferences and needs, you can personalize your mailings precisely and significantly increase the success of your email campaigns. Inxmail can easily process external data from various sources and incorporate it directly and automatically into mailings. For example, customer data from your CRM, product information from your online store or the current weather conditions. In other words: Inxmail consistently uses the performance of your existing systems to implement data-driven personalization.

  • Utilize the full potential of your system landscape
  • Automatically incorporate content into your mailings
  • Speed up your processes
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Inxmail for every system environment

As a seamless integration into a campaign tool such as DYMATRIX DynaCampaign or a CRM system such as the Salesforce Sales Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Inxmail unfolds its full potential. This allows you to create professional mailings in no time at all without having to change the user interface. But you also benefit from Inxmail as a connected system thanks to an optimal data flow. You can find more information on the individual connection options on our integration page.

Do you have any questions about Inxmail as an integrated solution in your system landscape? Please feel free to contact us.

All integrations

Email marketing step by step

The right feature for every scenario


With workflows, you have complex email marketing campaigns, reliably delivered transactional emails or automated trigger emails under control with ease. Create mailing processes using drag & drop in the visual editor. Ready-made templates make the creation of common email workflows even quicker and easier. Test workflows before sending them out and view reports immediately afterwards.

AI assistant

Use the AI assistant to generate appealing mailings quickly and easily. Whether subject, pre-header or complete mailing text: The AI assistant helps you to formulate and optimize creative texts. Get ideas and translate your texts into other languages with just one click.

Customized graphics and images

The DynaPictures add-on offers you a handy graphics studio especially for your mailings. Use this add-on to design dynamically customizable image templates, even if you have no experience in graphic design or programming. You can customize your images directly in the mailing editor and send them out automatically. The result: tailor-made header graphics, personalized discount codes and unforgettable birthday mailings.

Voucher add-on

Vouchers can be used in a variety of ways and offer numerous opportunities to strengthen customer loyalty or boost sales. With the voucher add-on, you can manage your vouchers on a clear interface and implement your voucher campaigns quickly and efficiently.


Containers define the overall layout. They are modular and customizable. With our individual containers, you can display any content with pixel precision.


Stylesets ensure recognition value and compliance with your corporate design: define colors and fonts centrally and use them everywhere.

Image editing

You can edit graphics directly in Inxmail - without having to switch to another program. Crop your images, adjust brightness, saturation and contrast and add filters to change the appearance of your graphic.

Media management

Quick access: You can easily store and manage media on the spacious web space. Inxmail uses a fail-safe content delivery network (CDN) to deliver images, which ensures lightning-fast loading times for mailings on the recipient's device.

Automated content

Data from different sources can automatically flow into Inxmail for mailing creation - for example from the online store or CRM - and then be processed. Another option for integrating external content into a mailing is send-time content. Here, mailing content is only retrieved from the external system at the time of dispatch - for example via RSS feed.

Rights management

Centrally controlled: Assign roles and rights to users exactly as you need them. Rights management is suitable for small and large organizational structures.


Success at a glance: Find out how your mailings have performed - and use this knowledge for the next campaign. You have an optimal overview of the most important statistics such as open rate, click rate, click-to-open rate and unsubscriptions.

Simple import and export of recipient data

No more manual list maintenance: Load any number of recipients from a file or via import automation as CSV in Inxmail. Or synchronize your data automatically via an interface to systems such as CRM or online store. If required, you can manage your data in several distribution lists with a variable number of columns.

Target groups for individual recipient approach

Organize your recipients into different target groups with predefined workflows. You can send them various article suggestions, individual mailings or attachments. The target group-specific content increases the attention of your recipients and strengthens customer loyalty.

Legally compliant registration and unsubscription procedures

With Inxmail, you can implement all common subscription and unsubscription procedures. With templates for processes such as double opt-in, you always meet the highest data protection requirements. The software also ensures legally compliant logging so that you can provide information about the type and scope of subscriptions and unsubscriptions at any time.

Valid database thanks to bounce management

Inxmail automatically processes undeliverable emails due to unreachable email addresses or full mailboxes and marks them as hard or soft bounces. This allows you to benefit from well-maintained distribution lists and ensures consistently high delivery rates.

Web forms to enrich the database

Inxmail offers you predefined workflows for creating web forms and integrating them into your website. Your recipients can update their personal data themselves. You can also get to know your recipients better by asking for their preferences and personalization details, such as date of birth or interests. Unsubscribe management runs automatically in the software so that your data is always up to date.

Mailing creation via drag & drop

With the user-friendly email editor and our professional templates, you can create newsletters and mailings using drag & drop - entirely according to your ideas, in your corporate design and without any programming knowledge. Simply create templates yourself. Define variations of content that are personalized according to defined rules. Let the AI assistant help you with text. Use style sets to easily customize styles for an email.

Integration of real-time content

Surprise your recipients with special content and modules in your mailings. These can be automatically retrieved from external systems such as stores or PIMs when sending and individualized for each recipient.

Optimal appearance on all devices

Create your own templates or use the ready-made templates and define how your email should look on different devices - you have complete freedom. The mobile-optimized design of the templates ensures that your content is visually appealing on all devices - whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Quality test

Play it safe: use the error center at any time to see if there are any problems with the email you are currently creating and get tips on how to improve it. Check mailings for possible errors before sending - at the touch of a button. Inxmail provides you with numerous test options for checking links, presentation, spam criteria and other quality factors. The software alerts you to all eventualities.

Meaningful reporting for better performance

Optimize your campaigns based on numerous analysis and tracking options. Inxmail analyzes all important key figures in real time and provides you with clear evaluations. This means you know at a glance how successful your mailing is. You can also compare your mailings, create response reports or evaluate email clients used. All analysis data can be exported.

Split tests

A/B tests can be defined and evaluated using workflows. This allows you to test subject lines, content, layouts, sender addresses or sending times on a small group in order to send the most successful variant to your entire group of recipients.

Use the preferences of recipients

Learn more about the preferences of your recipients and use the information you receive to personalize and individualize future emails with these specific topics. With tailored content, you are closer to the needs of your target groups and increase the relevance of your emails.

Add-ons for every use case

Add-on features

We offer add-on features for Inxmail that you can use to implement your individual email marketing requirements. These are an ideal addition to your range of functions to inspire your customers and achieve the goals you have set yourself.

More conversions through customized and automated graphics

The compact graphics studio for your mailings: With the DynaPictures add-on, you can create image templates that you can adapt dynamically at any time - without any graphics or programming knowledge. Generate and customize your images directly within the mailing editorial department and then send them out automatically. In this way, you can create individual header graphics, personalized discount campaigns or unique birthday mailings with little effort.

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Implement voucher campaigns easily and efficiently

Gutchein add-on for the Inxmail platform

Attract, reactivate and retain customers: With our voucher add-on, you can implement personalized voucher campaigns quickly and efficiently. The feature offers you an easy start thanks to numerous presets from successful examples. You can view all important information such as usage, quota and consumption at a glance. The voucher add-on also protects you against voucher misuse with individual shipping settings.

Services that fit your business

Inxmail has a lot to offer - including our services: Use our consulting services to lay the foundations for successful email marketing or to master your individual challenges. We inspire you with creative ideas for your lead generation or implement customized design templates for you. Save time and resources by relying on our expertise. And if you want to become even better yourself, our training courses will help.

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