Inxmail for OXID eSales

With Inxmail for OXID eSales, your customer data and product information are synchronized fully automatically between your OXID eShop and Inxmail. This allows you to create professional and personalized transactional emails in the email marketing solution.

  • Real-time communication in the purchasing process
  • Professional and highly personalized transactional emails
  • Dispatch control logic
  • Relief of the store and ERP system
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With our Inxmail for OXID eSales interface, you can promote online offers in a highly personalized and automated way: The seamless connection to your email marketing ensures an efficient and intelligent transfer of product data from the online store. The result: more relevance and higher open and click rates for your mailings.

Individual integration thanks to flexible interface

We test and implement the connection of your desired system via our powerful interfaces – whether it be a CRM system, an online shop, a web analysis tool or a campaign management solution.

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