Transactional emails with Inxmail

More relevance, more efficiency, more customer satisfaction

Transactional emails | Inxmail email marketing platform

Transactional emails are expected - which is why they are particularly effective for communicating with your customers. Information such as confirmations, invoices and notifications are highly relevant for your audience. With Inxmail, you can use the expectations and attention of your recipients particularly efficiently. Control, create and send all emails generated in your systems centrally and easily using one platform. Inxmail helps you to exploit the full potential of your systems when sending emails!

  • Meet expectations in customer communication
  • Use touchpoints, increase sales
  • Order processes become positive customer experiences
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The booster for your transactional emails

How we ensure your success

Highest deliverability

Deliverability is a crucial success factor for transactional emails just as it is for newsletters. Authenticated servers, allowlisting and a dedicated deliverability team help to ensure that your transactional emails are reliably delivered to your inbox.

Bounce management

With Inxmail, you stay in control of email bounces and protect your reputation as a sender. Our sophisticated bounce management analyzes delivery problems and helps to keep your mailing lists up to date and maintain your communication with your customers.

Tracking and reporting

Success at a glance: Find out how your mailings have performed - and use this knowledge to refine your strategy and increase performance. This gives you an optimal overview of the most important statistics such as open rate, click rate, click-to-open rate and unsubscriptions.

Order confirmation | Inxmail e-mail marketing platform

Order confirmations

Order confirmations create trust: Send your customers promptly delivered confirmation emails that impress with their relevance. Ensure that every transaction is completed with a precise and informative confirmation. Strengthen your customers' trust in your company with transparent communication, which forms the basis for long-term customer loyalty and increased sales.

  • Immediate and reliable confirmation
  • Automation enables efficient scalability
  • More customer satisfaction, less support effort
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Back-in-stock messages | Inxmail email marketing platform

Back-in-stock messages

Never miss a sales opportunity again. Inform your customers automatically and in real time as soon as popular products are back in stock. Our email marketing platform allows you to personalize back-in-stock messages and turn the buying process into an experience. Increase your conversion rates and customer loyalty through targeted communication.

  • Communicate product availability and increase sales
  • Offer what customers want
  • Optimize stock management
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System mails | Inxmail e-mail marketing platform

System mails

Reliable system emails are essential in the digital world. They are sent automatically based on user actions or system events. Ensure that important notifications such as password reminders, system updates or service messages reach your customers immediately. Our platform not only enables the automation of these processes, but also ensures that every message is sent quickly, securely and in your corporate design.

  • Smooth system communication creates trust
  • Communicate important events automatically
  • Relevant touchpoints generate maximum attention
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Notifications | Inxmail e-mail marketing platform


Inform your customers immediately about incoming returns and reduce support requests. Whether it's about the end of a subscription, reservations or service intervals. Ensure that your customers are always informed with appropriate and timely notifications. Create opportunities for cross-selling and upselling with every notification, for example by offering suitable additional services or renewal options.

  • Communication that creates trust in purchases
  • Increase transparency in the customer process
  • Strong customer loyalty through relevant notifications
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Sending invoices | Inxmail e-mail marketing platform

Sending invoices

Sending invoices is a key touchpoint in the customer relationship: optimize the sending of your invoices through automation and enable smooth payment processing for your customers. Our platform ensures transparency and trust by making sure that every invoice reaches its recipient quickly and securely.

  • Automated processes
  • Reliable invoice delivery
  • Minimization of errors
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Simple connection via SMTP or API

Thanks to the simple connection of your systems to Inxmail, you can get started in no time at all. Benefit from secure delivery, comprehensive bounce management and detailed tracking and reporting of your transactional emails. Your customers will also be pleased to receive appealing and relevant system emails that they expect as part of the business or purchasing process.

Inxmail Platform Interfaces

More efficiency for your transactional emails

Optimize the sending of your transactional emails with Inxmail. Our solutions guarantee outstanding deliverability, supported by SMTP mail relay and optional tracking of open and click rates. In addition, we offer flexible services to meet your specific needs.

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