Inxmail Export Automation

For bi-directional data flow

The lean and fast solution for data synchronization within your system landscape: With import and export automation, you store recipient reactions or dispatch information directly in your campaign management tool or your data warehouse. This way, you ensure data authority where you need it. Plus, data properties can be customized at any time, if desired. Using CSV files, you create a highly flexible data exchange between your applications - completely automated and with little, one-time effort.

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Quickly set up, many options

With the import and export automation, you can map different use cases automatically:

Analyze your success

Synchronize the statistics of your dispatches with your leading system for processing there.

Transfer consent

Update marketing consent or tracking permission throughout the system - in compliance with ePrivacy Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

Enrich customer data

The customer data in your CRM system is automatically supplemented with new profile data of the recipients.

Update leads

Synchronize your CRM system with leads that have subscribed or unsubscribed to your newsletter.

Use reactions

Identify your leads' interests - enabled by automated profile enrichment in the campaign management tool.

Perform data mining

Implement data-driven campaigns by feeding relevant data into your data warehouse.

Typical data flow

CSV files make it possible: import various data, such as addresses, product descriptions or voucher codes from different source systems directly into your mailings to Inxmail. For later evaluation, Inxmail automatically exports all recipient responses, bounces or marketing authorizations back to your main system after sending.

Individual integration thanks to flexible interface

We test and implement the connection of your desired system via our powerful interfaces – whether it be a CRM system, an online shop, a web analysis tool or a campaign management solution.

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