Inxmail for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With Inxmail for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you focus on targeted messages and personalization in customer dialog: Connecting our email marketing software Inxmail to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports you in seamless customer communication. The CRM system is the central management hub for your customer data, while the mailings are created and sent via Inxmail - with all the benefits of a professional email marketing solution.

  • Transfer of recipient attributes
  • Professional, efficient email marketing
  • Reliably delivered emails
  • Relief for your CRM system
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With the integration of Inxmail for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can achieve professional email marketing: The integration enables personalized email campaigns based on the customer data available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The fully automated exchange of information ensures that all new data acquired from the email campaigns automatically flows back to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As a result, every employee in your company has access to all customer communications as well as detailed success evaluations. The right message to the right recipient at the right time - for continuous optimization of your customer relationship.


Individual integration thanks to flexible interface

We test and implement the connection of your desired system via our powerful interfaces – whether it be a CRM system, an online shop, a web analysis tool or a campaign management solution.

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