Value-driven email marketing

Identify potential, develop solutions, improve results

Value-driven email marketing

Our value-driven email marketing approach was designed to create added value for you and your recipients. Inxmail provides you with the right solutions for sales-boosting email campaigns that are custom-tailored to your needs and put together from our comprehensive portfolio of technologies, services and expertise.

As email marketing pioneers, we boast extensive know-how in a wide range of industries. Thanks to our experience and our flexible services, the possibilities for optimising your email marketing are endless. Discuss your requirements with us.


Our solutions are created to meet your individual needs, drawing on Inxmail’s extensive portfolio of technologies, services and expertise.

Connected email marketing

We can help you systematically gear your communications towards the needs of your customers.


Whether it comes to help getting started, technical assistance or full-service support for your email marketing, we are there to provide you with the help you need.


More than 2,000 SMBs and major corporations from a number of sectors around the world rely on our solutions.


We are committed to strong partnerships and maintain an extensive network of over 200 partners who specialise in providing a range of different services.


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More than 2,000 satisfied customers and partners.

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