Inxmail for Spryker

Send professional transactional emails from your Spryker online store module: From registration confirmation and password reminder to order confirmation and payment reminder. For this purpose, we have developed our Inxmail for Spryker interface. With pre-built email templates, your mailings can be customized and personalized.

  • Powerful email dispatch
  • Reliable delivery of your emails
  • Easy installation, quickly ready for use
  • Set up automated email series easily
  • Significant reporting
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The Inxmail for Spryker interface connects the Inxmail Commerce solution, which specializes in one-to-one emails, with the Spryker Commerce OS system. The integration can be installed in just a few steps and is then ready for the automated sending of transactional emails related to the ordering process (for example, shipping confirmations and mailings to shopping cart abandoners).

Inxmail for Spryker provides a standard set of event and mailing templates for typical e-commerce scenarios: from order confirmations to password and payment reminders to shipping notifications. This allows visually appealing transactional emails to be created in a short time and sent with high delivery reliability. The dispatch of the mailings is automated and starts event-related when the triggering scenario (event) occurs.


Fast time-to-market process

You can easily download the interface from the Spryker app store and install it without any complications. We provide you with a standard set of event and mailing templates for typical e-commerce scenarios. This allows you to send professional transactional emails in no time and sustainably improve the customer journey.

Automated workflows

The workflow editor allows you to map the entire customer journey and control communication. You can define criteria for recipients and actions so that you can automatically deliver personalized content to a specific group of recipients at the right time.

Split tests for performance optimization

Improve your customer communications with split tests based on target groups and content. This allows you to measure which versions of a mailing have a positive impact on your key performance indicators and use these results for continuous optimization.

Tracking and powerful reporting

Transparent data, up-to-date and in one place: The interface extends your Spryker Commerce OS with a professional tool for transactional emails. This allows you to measure, analyze and evaluate every email sent. After sending a mailing, the evaluation of the most important key figures helps you to rate and optimize your mailings.

Individual integration thanks to flexible interface

We test and implement the connection of your desired system via our powerful interfaces – whether it be a CRM system, an online shop, a web analysis tool or a campaign management solution.

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