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The global Inxmail partner network

We rely on strong partners in order to maximise the success of your email marketing activities. We maintain an extensive network of over 200 partners who specialise in providing a range of different services.

Join our strong and constantly growing network. Our partnerships are based around the shared goal of offering the highest quality email marketing: To achieve this goal, we are looking for specialists who complement us and also consistently focus on the customer’s needs. We emphasise collaboration based on trust among equal partners.

We offer a wide range of formats in our extensive partner programme. Here are some of the models available to you. Regardless of which partnership model you opt for, each of the programmes share one thing in common: You benefit from the close network and the market presence of our partner management team in the sector and of other local partners.

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Technology partners

The right programme for software vendors

Select list of our technology partners

Are you a software vendor who markets, for example, a CRM, online shop, Web tracking or campaign management system? We are always on the lookout for technology partners with interesting links to email marketing. Let’s work together to harness synergies and deliver best-of-breed services. Our goal is to take integrative approaches and use automation processes to establish standardised communication and databases as well as increase the efficiency of email marketing.

Benefits for technology partners

  • Develop new marketing and sales channels
  • Create real added value for your customers and your product

Solution partners: agencies, system integrators/vendors

The right programme for agencies and system integrators/vendors

The primary goal of the solution partnership is to strategically expand email marketing services for your customers. To achieve this goal, you receive flexible solutions and acquire valuable expertise that you then incorporate into integrated concepts and designs. This allows you to efficiently and easily meet the most demanding requirements set by your customers. Are you looking to upgrade your software by adding professional email marketing functionalities? This is also possible, thanks to our high-performance Inxmail API.

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