Inxmail for PIA DYMATRIX DynaCampaign

Inxmail for PIA DYMATRIXDynaCampaign enables multi-channel campaigns along the customer journey. Campaign planning as well as target group selection and success evaluation are handled centrally via PIA DYMARTIX DynaCampaign. The functions of Inxmail are available for your mailings.

  • Improved customer communication through central campaign planning via DynaCampaign
  • Visual selection of target groups, for example on the basis of customer information
  • Targeted offers in real-time
  • Individual, personalized product recommendations
  • 360° customer view
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Inxmail for DynaCampaign

Inxmail and PIA DYMATRIX together offer a package that enables customers to generate targeted offers for their newsletter subscribers in real-time. Individual product recommendations are taken to a new level of personalization. The data basis for the tailored offers is not only the purchases of the newsletter subscribers, but also their clicks, shopping cart abandonments and ratings. In this way, the individual preferences of each user are identified through a continuous learning process. A significant advantage is that the recommendations are checked again when the newsletter is opened. This ensures that the offers are as up-to-date as possible. For example, the stock level can be checked at the time of opening. If a recommended item is no longer available, another suitable product is automatically displayed.

In times when users' attention spans are shorter and the relevance of offers is becoming increasingly important, the successful duo Inxmail and PIA DYMATRIX offers the ideal conditions for successful email marketing.

Individual integration thanks to flexible interface

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