Mail relay: ensures email delivery from all your systems

Professional dispatch features for CRM, ERP, online shop and so on.

Secure delivery with mail relay

Do you create mailings in your CRM or ERP systems, your online shop or online portal and are looking for a solution to optimise dispatch? Then our mail relay is the right option for you. Connect your systems flexibly and benefit from our powerful dispatch technology. You can rest assured that your emails will arrive reliably.

  • Simple connection to a variety of systems
  • Full control over your mailings thanks to delivery status and bounce management
  • Ensured delivery of your emails
  • Optional: tracking and reporting to optimise your success
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Easy connection via SMTP or API

Inxmail mail relay lets you connect to a wide range of specialised systems and benefit from our proven infrastructure. We offer either SMTP or REST API as options for you to integrate your systems seamlessly. For example, address maintenance and mailing editing are carried out in your CRM system, online shop or online portal. The dispatch workflow step runs via our reliable mail server. Your benefits: you don’t need to worry about optimising your own server. Plus, your systems are no longer burdened by sending emails.

Ensured delivery of your emails

Whether it’s a newsletter, transaction email or status email from online portals, the success of your emails is highly dependent on them reaching your recipients’ inboxes safely and quickly. You can rely on our many years of experience and the proven Inxmail Server, which we host exclusively in Germany. Our high-quality standards and our reputation ensure your emails successfully reach their destination.

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Full control thanks to delivery status and bounce management

Maintain control and keep track of the delivery of your emails: we assign every email sent an individual ID that you can use to track whether it has reached the recipient’s inbox or not. Plus, we reliably record any soft and hard bounces. This allows you to respond to enquiries about email retention in a targeted way and to keep your recipient lists up to date.

Success optimisation thanks to tracking and routing

Optional tracking and reporting features can be integrated so you can measure the performance of your mailings. You not only receive information pertaining to the number of deliveries and bounces, but also record the average open and click rates of your emails on request. This enables you to optimise your mailings in the long term through continuous testing.

Mail relay prices

Customised offer

  • Costs for hosting and administration
  • Deliverability team for optimal deliverability included
  • 1-hour user support per month
  • Optional and individual services

Mail relay

  • Simple improvement of your deliverability
  • Use Inxmail’s dispatch infrastructure
  • Open- and click-rate tracking

Inxmail Commerce

  • Full range of functions
  • Template-based mailing editor for creating highly personalised system and transaction emails
  • Graphical workflow automation editor
  • A/B split test, reporting, and much more

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