Integration with CAS genesisWorld enables targeted dialogue with brokers

Case study

Luxury yacht specialist Ocean Independence provides its worldwide broker network with information through targeted email campaigns that focus on its yachts. Either to purchase or charter: The brokers receive details of content and campaigns that are relevant to them so they can pass on details of the luxury vessels on offer to interested parties. Connection to the CRM system, CAS genesisWorld, and a flexible newsletter template ensure that the high requirements for professional dialogue in this premium segment are met in the best possible way.

Practical example


Targeted dialogue in new corporate design

The email marketing channel plays a central role for Ocean in communication with its brokers. The idea was to reorganise email marketing whilst reworking the corporate design.

Priority was given to the connection of email marketing to CAS genesisWorld. The CRM system was used to create and send newsletters. Although this offered the option for targeted dialogue, it did not have the full range of functions of a professional email marketing solution. Consequently, all newsletters were text-based, which did not allow the luxury yachts to be presented in an appealing way.

A newsletter template in the company’s corporate design was needed to implement this requirement. This meant that attention was drawn to the yachts perfectly and enabled simple and effective newsletter creation.


CRM-based personalisation

Fabulous yachts, atmospheric photos: The newsletter design matches the look and feel of the website and offers plenty of space for exterior and interior views of the luxury yachts. This means that the charter and sales brokers can get a good idea of what is on offer. Optimum display of newsletters can also be achieved on mobile devices. This is particularly high on the brokers’ list of priorities, as they spend a lot of time on the road.

The target groups in CAS genesisWorld are selected before mailings are sent out based on the status and extent of the respective business relationship, and automatically transferred to Inxmail Professional. This enables targeted communication with the brokers and end customers. For example, Ocean sends invitations to highly exclusive events only to those contacts who have chartered or purchased a yacht in the past year.


CAS genesisWorld and Inxmail Professional

Long-standing Inxmail partner SOL4 IT-Consulting was on hand when the email marketing solution was introduced.

The integration of Inxmail with CAS genesisWorld connects the CRM world with email marketing: CAS genesisWorld serves as the central database and provides transparency in all communication with customers. Mailings and newsletters are sent using Inxmail, with all of the advantages of a professional email marketing system, such as maximum deliverability, bounce management, evaluation options, newsletter templates and much more.

The newsletter template offers creative design options: Mailing content can be combined and positioned in different ways, and there is choice and versatility as regards colour and font. Individual mailing content can be shared on social networks using a social sharing functionality.


Reach and communicate with brokers accurately

Maiden voyage by newsletter: Attention was drawn to the new corporate design when the first mailing was sent out its in new livery. The open rate of over 40 per cent proves that the new newsletter went down well with readers. The ever-increasing open rates are testimony to the accuracy of the mailings, especially due to the advance segmentation in CAS genesisWorld.

Benefits at a glance

  • Recipient and response data is managed centrally in CAS genesisWorld
  • Dispatch to precisely defined target groups generates high open rates
  • The newsletter template in the website’s corporate design creates a clear recognition effect among recipients
  • Responsive design: Newsletters can be read by brokers on mobile devices at any time

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