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More than 2,000 SMBs and major corporations around the world rely on our solutions. These include many high-profile eCommerce businesses & retailers, publishers, tourism operators, agencies, banks and insurance companies.

eCommerce and retail

If you have large address lists and sending volumes, you will need a comprehensive email marketing solution. Inxmail is extensively integrated with eCommerce, Web analytics and CRM systems, offering online retailers simple, automated data sharing. This way, you can more effectively reach your end customers, analyse their behaviour and use this information in follow-up campaigns. You can stimulate long-term customer retention and impress your customers with precisely tailored, personal transactional emails. This ranges from order and dispatch confirmations, to recommendation and reminder emails and right through to personal offers. Turn the purchase into an event that can remain active even after the order has been completed.

  • Integration of dynamic content for each target group, customer status and area of interest
  • Customised integrations with online shops, CRM systems and social media networks thanks to a powerful interface
  • Automated data import from eCommerce and CRM systems

Publishing houses and media companies

Offer your readers the possibility to create a custom newsletter with information tailored to their personal interests. Your newsletter subscribers are grateful to receive selective news and information based on their personal preferences, especially if your publishing company produces a wide range of publications. If at all possible, this should also be optimised for display on their mobile devices. With the email marketing solutions from Inxmail, you can reach your customers with relevant content and deliver a unique reading experience.

  • Automatic, target group-specific import of content into mailings from content management systems
  • Increased advertising revenue to supplement your print-based business, made possible by profitable newsletter ad marketing
  • Manage context-sensitive advertising material in newsletters with a focus on the target group


We have worked in close cooperation with agencies for years to meet the specific needs of your email marketing projects. Bring your creative ideas to life with Inxmail solutions and contribute to the success of your customers’ companies with sustainable email marketing. Take advantage of the flexibility of our products along with our attractive agency discounts and many years of experience in providing personal agency consulting services.

  • Use creative email marketing concepts to open up new revenue streams to your customers - Available for agencies like yours, too
  • Excellent personal agency support and consultation provided by our team of experts
  • Attractive agency discounts on Inxmail solutions

Tourism sector

The tourism sector has a wide range of needs in terms of email marketing, from personalised travel tips and automated, time-sensitive travel coupons through to the integration of data from travel portals. The professional email marketing solutions from Inxmail optimally support you in reaching your customers and accompanying revenue targets.

  • Integration of dynamic content for each individual target group and area of interest, for example, from travel portals or your own website
  • Automatic, time-sensitive dispatch of travel coupons and birthday mailings
  • Filtering out of non-completed orders in order to trigger follow-up actions

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