More traffic in the online shop with automated mailing campaigns

Case study

Omnichannel retailer HSE lures customers to its online shop by using marketing automation, a modern template with a responsive design and the perfect balance between personalised content and incentives throughout the customer journey. Purchasing activity is increased by aligning mailing content with the interests and needs of the customers. This means that HSE is focused on recurring automated campaigns requiring little manual effort.

At a glance

  • Marketing automation and more streamlined internal processes require less time and expenditure. This frees up resources for developing new campaigns and optimising existing ones.
  • Together, Inxmail Template and the content app allow for more flexibility in the design of mailings and how specific content is used.
  • Optimum readability on mobile devices is an important success factor in eCommerce, in particular for shopping from home in the B2C segment via smartphone and tablet. The Inxmail templates are optimised for all end devices.
  • Transparent and seamless evaluation possibilities provide information on the recipient’s behaviour and help with the optimisation of existing campaigns.


Better usability in email marketing

HSE was looking for a much simpler process from creating to sending a mailing. A basic requirement was connecting the email marketing tool to the existing campaign management system, SAP Marketing. Yet, the interface and the usability were not the only things that were focused on. They were also looking for more flexibility in the design and in the execution of mailings, in order to be able to implement changes more quickly.

Furthermore, they required new template functionality in order to be able to send future mailing formats with dynamic or personalised content. Other items on their wish list were different testing options prior to sending, such as a quality test, and marketing automation. HSE wanted to reduce the amount of manual work involved in mailing creation and the high error rate associated with it.

HSE’s existing system architecture is complex and the list of technical and content-related requirements was extensive. Inxmail Commerce was established with a connection to SAP Marketing. All processes, systems and data flows were thus rolled out together and solutions were developed to meet the requirements for system integration, marketing automation and template functionality.

„Inxmail provides not only a powerful email marketing system with a fully-developed interface and modules, but is also a strong partner by our side, with whom we are able to work together constantly to realise new projects and meet new requirements."
Christina Düker, CRM Manager, HSE


Shopping from home on all channels

HSE fully supports their customers when shopping from home via email marketing: This not only includes standards such as the newsletter and order confirmations, but also automated and personalised mailings for special offers and occasions throughout the customer journey.

Mobile optimisation of mailings turn leads to more traffic in the online shop.

People who are interested can simply sign up for the daily newsletter via the website and as soon as double-opt-in is confirmed, an automatic welcome event with an incentive for the online shop is triggered.

Since the majority of orders at HSE are placed over the phone, this channel is used to enquire about customer interest in the different mailing formats. If they are interested, a double-opt-in is triggered. As soon as the confirmation link is clicked on, the subscriber will receive daily mailings on various campaigns in the online shop (daily and weekly offers and products of the month, for example). New customers automatically go through an eight-step second purchase mailing process: Incentives and personalised mailing content, which are based on your first purchase from HSE, are designed to inspire the recipient to place new orders.

Throughout the customer journey, the customer automatically receives birthday mailings and reactivation mailings, among others – each with corresponding purchase incentives, such as coupons. In terms of reactivation, different methods are used in the analysis of sales frequency and inactivity. The resulting value determines whether or not a reactivation is triggered on a customer-to-customer basis.

After placing an order, the customer receives an order confirmation. Other transaction mails, such as package notifications or notifications that an item is available again, are already in the works and will be implemented shortly.

„We were able to implement the entire Inxmail Professional project, which included creating the newsletter using Advanced Template, the development of the content app, programming the interface and SAP marketing, with the help of Inxmail employees from different departments within six months. Five months later, the automated campaigns went live."

Christina Düker, CRM Manager, HSE


New processes, connections and functions are simplifying daily business

For its marketing campaigns, HSE is using the Inxmail Professional solution, which was connected via API interface to the existing infrastructure, in particular SAP Marketing and the inventory management system. The processes of product data delivery and how they are played out in the mailings are supported by a content app. All necessary product data from different source systems are combined, processed accordingly, prepared correctly to be displayed in the mailing and stored temporarily in the application. The data are then transferred automatically to the mailing. The content app therefore makes it possible for recurring campaigns (such as daily offers and the product of the month) and highly personalised mailings to be sent automatically, establishing targeted buying incentives among recipients. The manual effort merely consists of selecting the corresponding highlight products in the inventory management system.

The Inxmail Advanced Template, which includes design templates, provides HSE with numerous new possibilities and functionalities in terms of design, application and presentation. It is particularly important for the retailer that products are displayed according to their purchase interest: This includes purchased items, the range of products and purchase date. Dynamic content, such as counters, can also be used. Mobile optimisation, the pre-header, emojis in the subject line and numerous evaluation possibilities also contribute to the success of the email marketing.

Just as before, SAP CRM is the leading system for data storage and there is a constant exchange of response data and recipient data from the Inxmail software. The campaign administration takes place in SAP Marketing and the data are taken from there and passed on to Inxmail.


Responsive design is the gateway to the online shop

„We achieved so much together and can look back on a successful start, and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership."
Christina Düker, CRM Manager, HSE


The various adjustments to the email marketing have led to positive effects at HSE. This shows that in eCommerce, there are other factors besides important transaction emails that influence the success of email marketing, such as:

  • Mobile optimisation: Newsletters and mailings are displayed correctly on mobile devices, reaching more customers, which in turn leads to more traffic in the online shop.
  • Emojis in the subject line and an informative pre-header lead to higher open rates.
  • Personalised content and the corresponding graphics, such as GIFs and counters, lead to a strong incentive to buy and a higher click rate.

The combination of personalised content and targeted incentives with recurring campaigns leads to successful results. Birthday mailings work best with a personalised coupon: The average open rate is 50 per cent, the click-to-open rate is 40 per cent.

The clean tracking in Inxmail Professional made the key figures more valuable to HSE. The retailer is constantly analysing click behaviour (for different content and graphic elements, for example) and achieves a higher click rate in the online shop thanks to small optimisations. The interaction with Google Analytics provides increased transparency in terms of conversions, for example on the value of the recipient’s shopping cart.

Last but not least, the implementation of Inxmail Professional improved deliverability: Less mailings end up in the spam folder. On the one hand, this is because HSE is using a new subdomain with a good reputation. On the other hand, because the quality test prior to sending ensures that spam-critical content is recognised in due time and deleted.

„Realizing challenging projects together with HSE – that's something we look forward to every time. Regardless of whether we are supporting you in getting complex interface projects for marketing automation processes on the roads, creating scalable solutions to individualize content or providing data for BI in the shortest possible time - efficient, collaborative work on a par is guaranteed."

Jens Dittberner, Senior Consultant, Inxmail GmbH

About HSE

Since HSE began in 1995, they have been offering an informative, varied and pleasant home shopping experience. Initially focused on teleshopping, the company developed into an omnichannel retailer that focuses on presenting lifestyle topics and brands in a cross-media manner. Over nine million enthusiastic TV, online and mobile shopping customers speak a clear language. As a modern omnichannel retailer, HSE is now present on all relevant media platforms, which include TV, online, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

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