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Case Study: Inxmail for SAP Sales Cloud

Breaking down data silos and managing email campaigns centrally via SAP's CRM system - that was what Beck Verlag wanted. The idea behind this requirement: to use professional email marketing software within SAP CRM without having to change programs. That increases productivity and thus success. All recipient data is automatically synchronized between the systems so that personalized mailings can be sent to subscribers. After all, relevant information in mailings strengthens customer relationships. In addition, new customer attributes should be transferred dynamically and automatically. The whole solution has to be implemented quickly and without any programming knowledge. And that is exactly what Inxmail has provided.


Get out of the data silos

The traditional publisher C.H.Beck from Munich wanted to connect its customer relationship management system from SAP (SAP CRM for short) with the email marketing software from Inxmail. The idea was to do it seamlessly, i.e. without the need for constant program changes or multiple logins. Beck's basic requirements: Campaigns should be managed and controlled via SAP CRM - this also includes the subsequent reporting, which is based on the recipients' reactions. In order to personalize mailings as much as possible in the future, new attributes that may be added during this process should also be automatically synchronized without further data mapping.

Now the publisher C.H.Beck was faced with the challenge that all contact and campaign data from both systems must always be at the same, current status. Normally, this involves manually exporting the files from one system in order to import them into the other - a task that takes a lot of time, but has to be done on a daily basis. Inxmail was now given the task of finding a suitable solution for this.

Perfect synergy: At publisher C.H.Beck, a lot of store data flows into the newsletters.


Connecting systems quickly with each other

Thanks to the simple and lean solution, customer data is now automatically synchronized between the systems.

The personal consulting provided quick results: import and export automation for Inxmail Professional was the ideal tool to guarantee a smooth process. Fast implementation meets the required efficiency: this import and export automation enabled the automated exchange of data between the SAP CRM and Inxmail. Synchronization now takes place via CSV files that are uploaded to an SFTP server. With just one click, target groups and campaign information are synchronized. Even new attributes automatically end up in the export during this process, without the need for renewed data mapping.

The fast and convenient implementation met with great approval from the publisher C.H.Beck. But the clearly transparent costs and the flexible adaptation of the attributes from the respective recipient lists also scored points. The import and export automation provided by Inxmail also eliminated the need for Beck to program independently via API - because time to market was an important issue. After only a short time, Beck employees were able to manage their campaigns as desired via SAP CRM without having to worry about adjusting recipient data.


"Together with our contacts at Inxmail, we were able to quickly work out a suitable solution to the problem of the lack of synchronization between the two systems and quickly implement it in the live process."

Felix Bauer, Marketing Consultant email marketing & CRM, publishing house C.H.Beck

About publishing house C.H.Beck

The publishing house C.H.Beck is one of the large and renowned houses in the German publishing industry. With more than 600 employees and about 1,700 new publications in the two publishing divisions Law - Taxes - Business and Literature - Nonfiction - Science, C.H.Beck also ranks quantitatively among the major German book and magazine publishers.


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