Greater brand visibility in the inbox thanks to the BIMI process

Case study

The tour operator FTI uses the new ‘Brand Indicators for Message Identification’ (BIMI) process for its email campaigns, thus increasing its brand visibility. Dispatch of the newsletter is carried out via the Inxmail Professional email marketing solution, which is compatible with the new email authentication process. The advantage for recipients is that they can be sure that the newsletter was sent by FTI and that it isn’t a fraudulent email. FTI benefits from fewer spam complaints and an improved reputation.

Practical example

Initial situation

Risks posed to senders and recipients by phishing emails

Who isn’t familiar with annoying fraudulent emails like spam and phishing emails clogging up your inbox every day? This isn’t just an issue that affects recipients – it also poses a major problem to senders. This is because consumers don’t always recognise fraudulent emails as such and complaints about spam can have a negative impact on their brand domain’s reputation, which can in turn result in reduced email delivery rates.

The tour operator FTI, which implements its email campaigns using Inxmail Professional, is also familiar with this risk. The company relies on the new ‘Brand Indicators for Message Identification’ (BIMI) process to mitigate this risk. BIMI allows messages from a verified sender to be labelled with the sender’s brand logo in the inbox. By doing so, FTI is pursuing its goal of increasing recipients’ trust, while also protecting and improving its reputation as a genuine sender. At the same time, the FTI brand’s visibility is boosted in the inbox.


Brand logo serves as a clear indicator in the inbox

Thanks to BIMI, recipients of the FTI newsletter can see in their inbox whether the email was really sent by the tour operator at first glance. This is because the FTI logo is displayed before the newsletter is even opened. The brand logo appears in the email preview on a desktop. The logo is immediately visible in the inbox on a smartphone.

The following happens to enable this: The receiving server examines whether the email comes from an authorised dispatch server and displays the tour operator’s logo beside the sender’s address if this is indeed the case. The prerequisite is that the receiving email client also supports BIMI. Yahoo! Mail currently supports BIMI. If this standard becomes established, then further email clients such as Gmail, Outlook and Thunderbird could follow suit.




What is BIMI?

BIMI is an initiative undertaken by three of the world’s largest inbox providers such as Oath (Verizon, AOL, Yahoo), Comcast, Agari, RP, Valimail and PayPal. The process takes the approach of establishing brand logos as indicators for trustworthy senders in inboxes.

In terms of its technology, BIMI is based on established authentication procedures for emails. The sender is verified by means of DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance). Recipient email clients can retrieve the logo via the DMARC record of the sending domain and a special BIMI DNS record and display it in the inbox. Along with experienced contact partners and extensive expertise, Inxmail offers the technical requirements needed for customers to implement this authentication process for emails.


Improved reputation and brand visibility

By using BIMI and the associated logo display in inboxes, FTI has attracted greater attention and gained improved visibility for its brand. At the same time, the company has received fewer spam complaints. This has allowed FTI to bolster its reputation as a serious sender among email providers and recipients, which has had a positive effect on delivery rates for its mailings.



Benefits at a glance

  • Thanks to BIMI, the brand logo is clearly visible to recipients in the inbox at first glance.
  • Improved brand visibility and greater attention in the inbox.
  • Recipients’ level of trust is boosted.
  • Spam complaints are reduced.
  • The brand’s reputation is strengthened.

About FTI

FTI Touristik GmbH is part of the FTI Group, which is Europe’s fourth largest travel agent. The company is based in Munich, Germany, and currently employs over 7,000 workers worldwide. It is represented by branches in Austria and the Netherlands, as well as a subsidiary in Switzerland.


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