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Case study: Inxmail for Salesforce

Inxmail has found an enthusiastic customer in the charitable organization Habitat & Humanisme. Personalized mailings with complex recipient groups that can be self-managed internally was just one requirement. Inxmail was able to exceed the high demands placed on email marketing software by delivering unique solutions that other programs could not handle this way. Integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Inxmail provided the perfect addition to manage campaigns extensively. Ease of use, dynamic content and secure delivery topped it off.


Making communication as simple as possible

Habitat & Humanisme was founded in 1985 to provide low-cost housing to people in need. The organization even goes one step further: the many volunteers continuously support these people in order to be able to regain a foothold in life. Divided into a total of 57 sites spread across France, Habitat & Humanisme has become a national organization. And that also means significant administrative and communication needs.

In order to communicate with all members, donors and newsletter subscribers, Habitat & Humanisme was looking for a suitable email marketing solution. This solution had to master several challenges: First of all, the program had to be able to be seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce Sales Cloud in order to centrally manage campaigns there. In addition, readers of the newsletter should only receive information that relates to their respective region. Last but not least, the software should be affordable and easy to use. First and foremost, Habitat & Humanisme is still a charity that spends money on the needy, not on marketing. Therefore, all mailings are created and sent by team members, most of whom work there on a volunteer basis.

For Habitat et Humanisme, it is important that newsletters contain only the information that is useful for a particular region.


One interface, many applications

With Inxmail, a suitable solution for all challenges was quickly found. The email marketing software from Inxmail could be seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce Sales Cloud through the API interface. The newsletters are now only sent via the Salesforce interface. The mailing list differentiates according to target groups or regions to which the mailing is sent: Each of the nearly 60 regions receives its own relevant content. However, the helpers from Habitat & Humanisme quickly discovered that the Inxmail software was capable of more. Inxmail can not only synchronize data with the Salesforce Sales Cloud, but also interact with other systems.

In this way, for example, personalized donation receipts can be sent to the corresponding customers via an individual PDF. The data for this comes from another system, which automatically inserts the contact data into the PDF. The newsletters, of which several are sent out weekly, are now actually only sent to people in whose region there is news. This is made possible by regional modules that are automatically synchronized with the subscribers' data.

The best comes at the end: all modules and mailings were set up by members of Habitat & Humanisme after they had received a detailed introduction to Inxmail. Thus, the challenge of an easy-to-learn handling was also mastered.

Data exchange

That's how the integration between Inxmail and Salesforce works

„Switching to Inxmail (especially to Inxmail New Xperience) has been a real pleasure. All the integrated features increase our productivity and flexibility through a greater user experience."

Maria Dragon, responsible for fundraising and sympathizer relations at Habitat et Humanisme.

About Habitat et Humanisme

Habitat et Humanisme was founded in Lyon in 1985 by Bernard Devert. Devert was a real estate professional at the time and became a priest over the years. The origins of the association are based on the emergence of a resistance movement at a time of economic and housing crisis. The first "ghetto neighborhoods" were emerging on the outskirts of major cities, while renovated and upgraded old centers were displacing low-income populations. Habitat et Humanisme wanted to do something about this and has been working to help people in need ever since.



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