Suitable next-best offers thanks to DynaCampaign connection

Case study

Companies who send newsletters according to a scattergun approach have been out of touch for a long time. If you really want to get your customer’s attention, then you need to address them at the right time with the right product – in a targeted manner. Next-best offer campaigns are just the ticket, as they yield higher success rates. Heise recognised this advantage and now dispatches customised product recommendations for its online shop by newsletter. The flexible connection of the Inxmail Professional email marketing solution to existing systems made this possible – especially the seamless link between the DynaCampaign campaign management tool and the email marketing solution from Inxmail. The shop sales generated by the newsletter are a testament to the success of this approach, as they have increased significantly.

Practical example


Flexible connection and extensive project experience

Heise advertises products from its online shop with next-best offer campaigns. These include subscriptions and print editions of magazines such as c’t, iX and Make, hardware such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino, gadgets, books and much more.

Implementing next-best offer campaigns in email marketing required technological and advisory support. The prerequisite for this was networking of participating systems in line with a best-of-breed approach. The specialised Inxmail Professional email marketing solution was to be flexibly integrated in the existing system landscape made up of an online shop, CRM, data mining software and DynaCampaign.

Its partners, Dymatrix and Inxmail, both of whom offered extensive project experience, defined the specific requirements together with Heise Medien in a concept workshop. Dymatrix and Inxmail then provided support in its implementation.

A newsletter template in the design of the online shop was also required, which would enable simple newsletter creation and, at the same time, a professional appearance.


The right offer for every customer

Heise sends a newsletter to its recipients with the subject line ‘Our recommendations from the heise shop – just for you!’ The aim of the newsletter is to provide the customer with the most relevant offers possible to increase the likelihood that the recipient will go through with a purchase.

Heise differentiates between two target groups in doing so. The first target group is presented with different top-selling products. The second target group tends to have already made several purchases, which means that there is more information available on their purchasing behaviour. These recipients receive a newsletter with a combination of individual recommendations and top-selling products.

The mailing design matches the online shop. Colours, buttons and other elements are taken from the website. Standardised communication via both channels ensures a high recognition factor.


Seamless integration of the email marketing solution

The systems, which are highly specialised in line with their applications, work seamlessly in conjunction with one another and thus allow product recommendations to be sent by newsletter. Information on the products is transferred from the online shop to the CRM system. This includes product names, links, product descriptions, prices and images. The individual product recommendations are calculated based on transaction data in the CRM system. A data mining software is also involved in this calculation.

The selection of recipients takes place in DynaCampaign. From there, all necessary information for the recommendations is then transferred to the Inxmail Professional email marketing solution. This means that the recipient data combined with product information from the shop is made available to send individual offers. The product information is automatically integrated in the newsletter template in Inxmail Professional. This means that the newsletter is presented in the best light on all end devices. Inxmail Professional also ensures reliable email delivery.


Suitable offers in the newsletter increase shop sales

Heise sends its customers offers that they are really interested in through its next-best offer campaigns. This increases the likelihood that the customer will click the respective products in the newsletter and add them to their shopping cart. This customer-focussed approach has also had a positive effect on customer retention.

The figures prove the success of the email campaigns: Since its introduction, shop sales generated by the newsletter have risen by 20 per cent. The company doesn’t want to rest on its laurels though, and is planning to optimise the newsletter on an ongoing basis. The layout will be adapted and offers will vary.

Benefits at a glance

  • Automated product recommendations via newsletters
  • Flexible integration of the Inxmail Professional email marketing solution into the existing system landscape
  • Consulting and support during implementation by experienced partners Dymatrix and Inxmail
  • Optimal presentation of newsletters for the web, smartphones and tablets
  • Increase in customer loyalty and shop sales

About Heise Medien

Heise Medien represents high-quality, independent journalism. The publisher releases two successful computer magazines in the shape of c’t and iX, the ground-breaking technology magazine Technology Review and the award-winning online magazine Telepolis. The website heise online is the leading medium for German-speaking high-tech news. heise Events appeals to a sophisticated audience of IT specialists with conferences, seminars and workshops.


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