Create perfect mailings in a matter of seconds

Case study

Create mailings more quickly, more efficiently, and more flexibly – this was the order we received from our long-standing customer Verlag Heinz Heise, which offers regional and local marketing for small and medium-sized companies under Heise RegioConcept as an umbrella brand together with other publishers and agencies of the Heise Group. In view of these requirements, the customer was impressed by the new professional solution  – the Inxmail New Xperience. It quickly became apparent how innovative functions can optimise workflows while at the same time strengthening the editorial process through the joy of use.

At a glance

  • The team at Heise can create perfect mailings faster than before. The editorial team can work efficiently thanks to the optimised image management, the user-friendly user interface with drag and drop functionality, the style sets and the container function, among other things.
  • The project provided new impetus for both an optimised mailing template and an optimised infrastructure with up-to-date technology.
  • The project was implemented within four weeks. The editors at Heise RegioConcept were able to immediately benefit from the advantages offered by Inxmail New Xperience.


Up-to-date design and technology

Heise has been using the Inxmail Professional tool for nearly ten years. To further simplify processes, Heise RegioConcept wanted to be able to create mailings more quickly and more efficiently. To do so, it was necessary to make optimisations to the mailing editor as well as in the technical requirements (for example, in image management). In addition, editors need more flexibility in the design of their mailings, without having to make extensive adjustments depending on the target group or content. The aim here is to ensure that editors can work independently and adhere to the CD in the layout. This in turn enables perfect mailings to be created within a team without the need for an extensive familiarisation period or training.

It quickly became apparent during the consultation meeting that the Inxmail New Xperience met all these requirements and provided the necessary technical prerequisites. Heise as a provider of regional and local marketing is interested in implementing new technologies, including for its own email marketing. Heise was immediately impressed by Inxmail New Xperience and prepared to make the switch thanks to the combination of proven content and functions.

Example of a mailing from Heise RegioConcept in the old look before switching to Inxmail New Xperience

„We were able to quickly familiarize ourselves with Inxmail New Xperience after a brief online training since we already had experience using Inxmail Professional and other CMS applications. We were able to recreate various mailings and then build more effective emails for various promotions with Inxmail’s template creation."

Eike Hergemöller, Spezialist Direkt-Marketing, Heise RegioConcept


Next level, please

After the revision work, the Heise RegioConcept design is more modern and uncluttered than before

It was particularly important to adapt the mailing template and provide a brief introduction to the tool and its functions to ensure a smooth transition to the Inxmail New Xperience mailing editor. In the first step, the design template was revised and technically adapted to the new mailing editor. However, it was much more important to review the existing template in terms of the customer’s requirements and, above all, to bring it up to the latest technological standards so that the mailings would perform well in future. For this reason, the conceptual design template was redeveloped together with the customer. The result is an appealing and uncluttered design that is easy for the reader to read and click while offering the potential for more interaction.

As soon as the complete technical infrastructure was set up, a one-hour online training took place. Heise RegioConcept was able to focus on more advanced topics, such as the creation of individual style sets and containers, and how these can be used to quickly create design-compliant mailings since their users were already well-versed.

The editors at Heise RegioConcept were able to get started right away and use Inxmail New Xperience to create their mailings and new article templates after a comprehensive familiarisation period. Having optimised the technical infrastructure also meant the process regarding the creation and dispatch of mailings would run smoothly.

„We are very pleased that the editors at Heise RegioConcept can create their mailings more efficiently and flexibly with Inxmail New Xperience. We used the changeover to jointly develop an optimized mailing template. The excellent cooperation with Heise made it possible to implement the project in just four weeks. It was a pleasure to share our enthusiasm for new technologies with them."

Aljoscha Lachmann, Head of Consulting, Inxmail GmbH

About Heise RegioConcept

Heise RegioConcept is a partner for small and medium-sized companies. Self-employed contractors, freelancers and small and medium-sized companies receive everything they need for their regional and local advertising from a single source: from a contemporary Internet presence, their own company app, search engine marketing and a professional social media presence to optimal findability in directories. A number of agencies and directory publishers operate under the Heise RegioConcept umbrella brand, which was founded in 2015.