Intangible products are made visible thanks to an individual newsletter service

Case study

MEAG as an asset manager succeeds in making its services visible with its personalised fund price newsletter. Thanks to this investor service, MEAG is able to automatically and seamlessly pursue its service strategy. This is because the specially developed content app combines all content individually in Inxmail Professional and sends this specific to each target group.

Practical example


Newsletter subscription for intangible products

Investment funds are products that are not tangible or directly usable after acquisition. If a customer invests in a fund, they are unable to develop a ‘personal relationship’ with this product as they would with a tangible commodity. What’s even more important to the customer is the service associated with the product. That’s why MEAG chose to develop its fund prices newsletter. The customer can register for this subscription service immediately after making their purchase and during registration they can select which fund prices they would like to be informed on and how often (daily, weekly or monthly).

Previously at MEAG, the fund data had to be maintained manually and dispatched via an in-house email marketing solution. This procedure was very time-consuming. That’s why its goal was to reduce the workload for this important information service to a minimum.


Individual newsletters in line with wishes and needs

If the customer has opted for one or more investment funds and wants to be kept up-to-date on current fund prices, they can simply sign up for the MEAG fund prices newsletter. They enter their email address on the subscription page and select the fund they would like to be informed on. Then they state how often they would like to receive the newsletter. As soon as the customer has clicked the double opt-in confirmation link, the newsletter subscription is activated and they immediately receive a welcome mailing with an overview of their selected fund prices.

The recipient can adjust the subscription at any time if they would like different fund prices or want to change the sending frequency. They can find a link to the settings and an unsubscription link at the end of each newsletter.


Specially developed app creates and dispatches send-time content

Subscriptions and unsubscriptions for the newsletter are exclusively managed and stored in the Inxmail Professional database. Customer-specific settings regarding fund prices and sending frequency are also documented here in detail.

MEAG as an asset manager is legally obliged to determine fund prices once per day and publish these via different channels (for example, a daily newspaper or website). To fulfil this requirement, the internal fund management determines the prices every day. This data goes to a special external service provider, who processes this accordingly and transfers it as an XML file to Inxmail Professional. The content app developed specially for MEAG in Inxmail Professional checks every day within a specific timeframe whether new data has been made available. If this is the case, the app creates a corresponding newsletter in line with the customer-specific settings in the database and the fund prices provided. This produces send-time content at its best: The data is extracted at the time of sending and supplemented with personalised data from Inxmail Professional – automatically and without editing options. Preset target groups for the sending frequency ensure that the recipients only get the exact information that they expect.


More efficient and error-free processes

The important fund prices newsletter is created considerably faster thanks to the automated solution with Inxmail Professional. MEAG is thus able to pursue its service strategy to the best of its abilities. Once it has been set up, the newsletter offers added value to customers, something which has been proven by increasing recipient numbers.

The employees use their freed-up resources to carry out editorial work and communicate with investors, which involves making customers aware of other information services. For example, they have been able to develop a new newsletter format on the topic of markets and trends, which provides subscribers with detailed information about asset management.

Benefits at a glance

  • The automatic creation and dispatch of the mailing helps to reduce potential sources of error and frees up resources for its daily information service.
  • The process surrounding the fund prices newsletter is set up once and thus consistently creates added value for subscribers.
  • The subscriber can adjust their settings individually at any time. Updates are carried out automatically and reliably.

About MEAG

MEAG represents the capital investments of the Munich Re Group. With 140 years of experience, 130 investment managers and fixed assets worth EUR 270 billion (as of 30 June 2019), the company is considered one of the most important players in the international finance sector. MEAG manages all significant asset classes, such as interest-bearing securities, shares and properties, as well as investments in renewable energies and infrastructure. Its international presence, with offices in Munich, New York and Hong Kong, allows it to carry out efficient market development on a global level. The investment managers pursue a rigorous, risk-controlled approach to investing with the goal of achieving extraordinary price developments for investors in the long run.

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