Personalised transaction emails delivered worldwide thanks to Spryker eCommerce integration

Case study

SLV GmbH improves communication with its retailers with a new and modern online shop and mailings delivered reliably worldwide. Regardless of what country the request is from and which transaction it concerns, every retailer receives a quick and personalised reply. Pre-configured mailings and defined transaction workflows facilitate this automated delivery and have positive effects on customer experience.

Practical example


Professional transaction emails for worldwide B2B communication

SLV GmbH distributes its lights and lighting solutions to over 100 countries through 15 subsidiaries. That’s why it was on the hunt for a new shop system that would, among other things, best satisfy its multi-lingual requirements and automate this process as much as possible for personalised transaction emails delivered worldwide. In the end, it opted for the eCommerce solution from Spryker. Spryker and Inxmail bring together years of cooperation with a fully-developed interface for both online shop and email marketing systems. Inxmail Commerce impressed SLV with mailings delivered reliably worldwide, pre-configured events and clear workflows in terms of mapping multilingual B2B communication.


Fast, individual and on-brand replies to every request

For example, a retailer requests a current catalogue via the website. Or they would like to log into their account and have forgotten their password. Or they have ordered something from the online shop and are waiting for their order confirmation. These are just some of the automated transactions at SLV.

Depending on which country they send their request from, the retailer receives a personalised reply in the corresponding language and with the country-specific data of the sender to whom the retailer is assigned. The transaction emails are designed to conform with the brand design of SLV’s online shop and ensure a high recognition value among recipients.

Because mailings are delivered reliably worldwide, it does not matter in which country the retailer is located. They don’t have to wait long for a personalised reply to their important question or transaction to arrive directly in their inbox.


Automated and transparent workflows with pre-configured mailings

In order to meet the requirements for country-specific, quick and personalised communication with retailers, SLV has mapped a variety of automated workflows in Inxmail Commerce.

Pro Event (for example, catalogue request or order confirmation) is a separately set-up workflow. It maps step-by-step which mailing should be sent automatically. Defined filters (such as retailer location) determine which transaction emails with which information (for example, in the footer) are sent to the recipient.

Given the large number of subsidiaries, this can sometimes be very complex. The workflows in Inxmail Commerce map these dependencies very clearly and list the mailings that have been used and pre-configured. This makes it simple to track whether a specific mailing has been sent at all times.

Data is stored outside of Inxmail Commerce in the shop system. The necessary data (customer and product data) is passed on via Rest API to the pre-configured placeholder during delivery. This ensures that the system uses up-to-date data. This is particularly important for transactions concerning passwords. An event in Inxmail Commerce and the delivery of the appropriate mailings is initiated by a unique ID that is also transmitted via Rest API.


Improved communication development and potential for new transaction emails

The combined solution from Spryker Systems and Inxmail Commerce allows SLV to respond in a very specific and personalised way to retailers worldwide. Setting up automated workflows for standardised transactions has not only improved the development of communication with clients, but has also freed up internal resources. The first results have demonstrated positive effects in terms of customer experience. Informative data on intensity of use and sales development are still being collected.

Furthermore, whether the requested login data was actually sent can be easily and securely tracked. If this is not the case, then it can be followed up promptly. This is a key aspect at SLV when working together with retailers.

Because the experience so far has been positive, future communication with retailers will be even more detailed for each target group. Thanks to resources being freed up, a communication concept is already being created. Displaying transactions will become even more complex and can be mapped and tracked thanks to clear workflows in Inxmail Commerce.


Benefits at a glance

  • Clear workflows in Inxmail Commerce easily map complex events and comprehensibly show whether and which mailings were sent.
  • Once set up, workflows run automatically and enable country-specific and personalised communication.
  • Mailings delivered reliably worldwide through high-performance certified servers
  • Clearer recognition of the SLV brand through standardised communication in the online shop and in the mailings.

About SLV

SLV stands for sound, light and video.

Originally, the founder of SLV wanted to satisfy the needs of professional DJs, who took the nightclub scene by storm with a combination of lighting and music based on ‘Saturday Night Fever’. 40 years later, SLV GmbH is a conglomerate that distributes its lights and lighting solutions to over 100 countries through 15 subsidiaries. Light has always been our passion and that is reflected in our entire supply chain, from in-house innovation, to quality assurance, to fair prices.

About Spryker

Spryker Commerce OS provides the foundations for high performance, customisable eCommerce und enables B2B and B2C companies to grow flexibly and dynamically with an API-based focus.


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