Partnership gives rise to professional transactional emails and effective email marketing

Case study

Offering premium quality email marketing has been the guiding principle for both the email marketing provider Inxmail and the Swiss provider for digital solutions Unic. The two companies have maintained a strong, trust-based partnership since 2003. The result has been hundreds of successfully implemented customer projects. The two partners complement each other perfectly. Unic’s years of experience as a full-service provider combined with Inxmail’s innovative solutions make their shared claim of offering premium quality email marketing truly tangible to the customer.

Practical example


A long-term, symbiotic partnership

Inxmail won out in 2003 when the Swiss digital agency Unic was searching for a high-performance email marketing solution for its customers. It became clear after a short time that a collaboration would be highly profitable for both partners.

The flexible, scalable Inxmail solutions offered Unic the opportunity to implement a wide range of different customer requests for SMEs and group companies. This allowed Unic to expand its service portfolio and it is now at the forefront of the Swiss market in the email marketing sector. This cooperation in turn opened up the Swiss market for Inxmail. “I’m delighted that we have such a strong partner by our side, with whom we have a symbiotic, trust-based relationship,” says Inxmail CEO Peter Ziras. Unic has since become one of Inxmail’s most strategically important service providers.


A dynamic duo: Inxmail’s solutions and Unic’s expertise

Since the beginning of their partnership, Unic and Inxmail have successfully implemented hundreds of projects for renowned companies in all industries, including Credit Suisse, Swiss Post, the SBB (Swiss rail operator) and many more.

Unic implements Inxmail solutions in line with each customer’s requirements. Its entire service portfolio is used in email marketing. Unic develops individual templates in the customer’s corporate design. Alongside integrating email marketing with existing systems, it also takes on hosting in Switzerland. This enables email marketing solutions to be run according to the highest security standards of Swiss banks and insurance companies. Both partners benefit from regular communication, as market requirements are shared with Inxmail and incorporated in product innovations.

Success story

SBB – ticket dispatch by email

Unic has implemented several digital projects for the Swiss rail operator, the SBB. These have included ticket dispatch by email and the full scale of its email marketing activities in four different languages.

The SBB offers its customers a highly convenient service: After they have purchased their ticket online on the website or in the mobile app, the customers receive an email with their ticket attached. The best part is that the ticket is integrated directly in the email as a QR code and is also available without an Internet connection. Long gone are the days of having to find somewhere to print your ticket!

Alongside regular newsletters, the SBB sends automated lifecycle mailings with individual content and recommendations.


Professional transactional emails and effective email marketing

Two Inxmail solutions are used at SBB: Inxmail Commerce, the professional solution for transaction and one-to-one emails, as well as Inxmail Professional, the email marketing solution.

Inxmail Commerce enables automatic ticket dispatch. The prerequisite for this is a seamless integration of this solution in SBB’s complex system landscape. The SBB profits from the utmost deliverability, bounce management, round-the-clock availability and email templates for optimal display or reproduction on all end devices and reading aids.

The SBB sends its newsletter and lifecycle mailings using Inxmail Professional. Unic is responsible for hosting in Switzerland.


Benefits at a glance

  • Personal Inxmail contact for customer projects and support requests
  • Extensive sales support, marketing materials and a certification programme
  • Wide range of services related to email marketing, including technical consulting
  • From standard integration through to individual connection, the best-of-breed approach makes anything possible
  • Universally compatible dispatch solution for system, transaction and trigger emails

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